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A private healthcare consultancy from Boston is working with NHS Scotland to increase efficiency. Don’t Tories like increases in efficiency? Is the hypocrisy really on show here, once more, in the Boris Express? The Institute for Healthcare Improvement is, importantly, not delivering any part of the NHS in Scotland’s frontline services but, hey, the Express doesn’t tell you that. The Express only tells us that the contract is worth millions but, of course don’t tell you just how much nor what percentage of the total expenditure of £12.2 BILLION it might be.

More important, however, the Express won’t be telling its readers any of these FACTS, just the most recent, revealing NHS Scotland as the best in the UK and one of the best in the world:

Scottish Tories help us report private surgery is TEN TIMES higher per head of population and ‘soaring’ in ‘enfeebled’ NHS England. You guessed. It’s FALLING here under SNP

Increased doctor and nurse training in NHS Scotland

Dear Boris: Despite 5.6% increase in demand NHS Scotland A&E departments hold steady and were 16% better than NHS England in September

Dear Boris: NHS Scotland largest reductions in surgical deaths EVER documented!

SNP tell Boris they can manage NHS England for him as temporary nurse spending soars there to nearly THREE times higher per head of population than in Scotland

Cancer mortality rates in Scotland continue to fall as NHS Scotland treats more and faster

NHS Scotland hovers around near perfect efficiency as cancelled operations hold at only 2%

Dear Reporting Scotland Down, NHS Scotland A&E Services have improved performance despite surging demand

Dear Boris, NHS Scotland A&E services treat more than 90% within target despite 17% increase in demand and 15% more than NHS England can

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NHS England urged to follow Scotland’s more inclusive bowel screening and save thousands of lives but it’s not newsworthy here

NHS Scotland increasing mental health discharges by 33% in 10 years with 95% treated near to home

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