Dear Boris: Despite 5.6% increase in demand NHS Scotland A&E departments hold steady and were 16% better than NHS England in September

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In September 2019, 148 295 people attended compared to 140 364 in the previous year. That was a 5.6% increase in demand yet 89.3% were seen within the target time in 2019 compared with 90.9% in the previous year. The latter difference is of course not statistically significant.

The figure for England is 77%.

12.3 is 15.6% of 77 so, using RSD rounding, we get 16%.

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8 thoughts on “Dear Boris: Despite 5.6% increase in demand NHS Scotland A&E departments hold steady and were 16% better than NHS England in September

  1. I think you should have a look at the BBC News site and the article about ‘Ten graphs…’ In particular look at the graph comparing A&E performance in each of the 4 NHS areas. The results look a bit odd.


  2. You have entered the Boris Bullshit for (internal) Colonies domain, or BBC for short.
    Here, in the “Scottish” sector, the news is sorted as—-
    If Scotland does well, then it is as part of wonderous Britain.
    If Scotland does poorly, then it is reported as ” in context”.
    The Hon Sarah will decide.

    The reportage of the election in Scotland will be delayed until Boris/Jeremy/Jockney Jo have time to venture forth—-until then BEEB Hootsman will only broadcast on England’s political scene——and football, and news, and history, and all the rest.

    The Dublin Murders showed Scotland the benefit of Ireland having its own broadcasters. While paid with UK licence fee money, it was filmed in Ireland, with Irish actors etc. After 80 years of the BBC, Scotland has been starved of resources, commissioning, but mostly ambition.
    BBC Scotland is a hollowed out disgrace.

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  3. Further good annual and quarterly figures on maintaining Police Service recruitment released today by the Chief Statistician. Link to and snippets below: Compare these numbers with the 20,000 ‘missing’ police officers south of the border – mislaid since the tories came to office at Westminster. SNP Scottish Govt and YES majority Scottish Parlt doing the Day Job thing in a way that Johnson and co. couldn’t even begin to dream of:

    Scotland’s Chief Statistician has published statistics on Police Officer Quarterly Strength, which gives the number of full-time equivalent police officers employed by Police Scotland.

    The key findings of the statistics are:

    • there were 17,256 full-time equivalent (FTE) police officers in Scotland on 30 September 2019

    • police officer numbers decreased by 3 FTE officers (-0.02%) in the last quarter from 30 June 2019

    • police officer numbers increased by 108 FTE officers (+0.6%) in the last year from 30 September 2018

    • an increase of 1,022 FTE police officers (+6.3%) from the 16,234 FTE police officers recorded at 31 March 2007


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