‘Reliably dull AND brainless’

When a friend of TuS shared the above with me, I must admit to being unaware of Mrs Bowditch. Bowditch? A less appealing version of Bo Derek? As always, I went a-googling and up popped this marvellous demolition of Bowditch, in Wings Over Scotland, August 2016: Lying right to your face It opens with: Dismayingly often, the thing that irritates us the most about the Unionist press lying to its readers isn’t the fact that they’re doing it, but the fact that they do it so insultingly badly. As an illustrative case in point, here’s the Sunday Times’ reliably dull-witted … Continue reading ‘Reliably dull AND brainless’

Vaccine rollout: Scotland pulls into clear lead

Two weeks now since Scotland pulled ahead of the much-praised, by BBC Wales, vaccination roll-out programme, BBC Scotland have yet to comment. Scottish Conservative Branch Manager, Douglas Ross has not yet decided what to tell Reporting Scotland’s editor, his line of attack will be but it will be either: ‘Scotland lagging behind on second vaccine rollout!’ or ‘SNP failing to take advantage of vaccine rollout to open businesses!’ Continue reading Vaccine rollout: Scotland pulls into clear lead

Covid cases: Scotland closes in on super-Wales!

Just as Scotland’s little-reported plummet in Covid case levels looked like falling below that of Wales, they too have started to fall and remain, by a tiny margin, ahead of us. Ever since their catastrophic early exit from lockdown measures in November 2020, when they soared tom the top of the dirty league, Labour Wales has learned how to manage the pandemic so much better than their big neighbours. I know Labour politicians able to learn something. Who’d have thought? It also looks as if England is at last over the worst but Northern Ireland is still in trouble. What … Continue reading Covid cases: Scotland closes in on super-Wales!

Hospitality’s real victims

The voices of hospitality workers at last? BBC Scotland in early June 2021. Before that in April we often saw this regular media guy: Stephen Montgomery, who owns the Townhead Hotel in Lockerbie and is a spokesman for the Scottish Hospitality Group, said he would “love to be opening up at the same time as our colleagues down south”. “We’re going to be seeing people jump the border… for that long awaited pint of cold beer while we still remain closed,” he told BBC Radio’s Good Morning Scotland. “Scotland’s always been behind in the way we’ve been operating for the last year. … Continue reading Hospitality’s real victims

‘Farted Covid variant can be stopped’ say researchers

LATEST: Nicky Tams contract for 200 million bits of string to go Boris Chum at BAE! According to the often flatulent Torygraph yesterday: Covid could be spread through flatulence, say ministers: Source says officials have read ‘credible-looking stuff’ [stuff? data?] on the theory from other countries including Australia The widespread and often irresponsible, regardless of leg quality, wearing of short shorts in Oz triggered the first outbreak of the Farted Variant two weeks ago. The recent hot spell in the UK has enabled it to spread like wildfart, reaching a party on Ben Nevis only yesterday. Fortunately, Dr Roman Cum … Continue reading ‘Farted Covid variant can be stopped’ say researchers

Douglas Chapman, the thinking man and woman’s Douglas

The Telegraph’s sister paper, based in Auchtermuchty, has just published their own survey results in response to this yesterday: Funded by local farmer Jock McGlashan, the survey was condemned in the Auchtermuchty Gentleman, by Major rtd Jeremy ‘Jock’ Abernerthy-Wellington, originally from Husbands Bosworth, as ‘Demned impertinence!’ Local B&B owner Jinty Equus sprayed us liberally with ‘On my property, anything goes!’ We’re shocked here. Continue reading Douglas Chapman, the thinking man and woman’s Douglas


Consider why Douglas Chapman felt the need for his tweet above which, oh dear, has made some English folk feel ‘uncomfortable’, according to the Telegraph, that home of the superior form of Englishness which typically has no concept of uncomfortable. Might this example of how some English managers clearly need to be made a wee bit uncomfortable, running through his constituency, be an answer? Might this type need the reminder: Rhoda Miller@RhodaMiller14Can someone please tell Stephen Kerr (who blocked me) of the English couple in Scotland yesterday who refused to wear their masks as, and I quote “We are English. … Continue reading ‘Uncomfortable?’

BBC Scotland wins ‘Cringeprop21’ award as hospital infections fall to lowest in Europe!

I stole this story from an eagle-eyed Dr Phillipa Whitford MP tweet. That headline is a belter, a howler, the cringyest of cringy. Why? Well it looks bad doesn’t it? £46 fn million!!?? Yousaf must go? Bring back Freeman and make her resign before she retires again? The people have a right to know how this ‘SNP Scottish Government’ has let them down? Normally with BBC Scotland you have to read down to the 28th paragraph for anything reassuring but this time, perhaps feeling the headline will do its job for the Union, they let us see the facts by … Continue reading BBC Scotland wins ‘Cringeprop21’ award as hospital infections fall to lowest in Europe!

Look mum, we’re famous in Scotland!!!

Making the national headlines, take three girls (!) just about to start at St Andrews University and it seems they have a wee problem. The above screen shots have already winged it down to pals and relatives in England. We’re famous mum!!! How did this get to the BBC? Well, one of the students wants to go to her brother’s wedding in Italy and ‘sought the help of her new MP, Liberal Democrat Wendy Chamberlain, who has raised the issue with Scotland’s health secretary Humza Yousaf.’ Well good, but why is it now with the BBC. I know what happens … Continue reading Look mum, we’re famous in Scotland!!!