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From NHS Scotland today:

Over the last ten years, the overall risk of dying from cancer (the age-adjusted cancer mortality rate) has fallen by 10%, a decrease of 12% for males and 7% for females. The number of annual cancer deaths has increased over the same period. This is largely because the number of older people, who are at greater risk of developing cancer, has increased.

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Earlier reports here, commonly ignored or with distortion in the Scottish MSM:

Reporting Scotland Down misses more Scottish cancer patients treated within target time ahead of NHS England

From the NHS Scotland Information Services Division yesterday, for the quarter ending June 2019: 82.4% of patients started treatment within the 62-day period from referral to first treatment, up from 81.4% in the previous quarter. The figure for NHS England was 77.8%. 94.7% of patients started treatment within the 31-day from decision to treat to […]

Why is cancer treatment crisis in NHS England NOT apparent in Scotland?

In the Guardian today: Efforts to improve people’s chances, by spotting tumours early on when they can be more easily treated, are being hampered by a chronic lack of skilled diagnostic staff, says Cancer Research UK. The charity’s experts estimate that about 115,000 people who get cancer are already at stage 3 when it is detected, where […]

NHS England urged to follow Scotland’s more inclusive bowel screening and save thousands of lives but it’s not newsworthy here

There’s no breakdown of Scottish figures. When I ask for one, I get either ignored or I’m told ‘the Scottish sample is too small to be significant so we’re not telling you.’ However, there is a bit of news of interest to us if not to Reporting Scotland: Across the UK, only around 60% of […]

After Reporting Scotland called them ‘dysfunctional’ forcing an unnecessary inquiry did NHS Tayside’s chemotherapy dosage variations actually do good?

The Herald, above, still milking the story yesterday despite BBC Scotland seeming to have, if quietly, admitted they were wrong: Five months after Reporting Scotland had accused Tayside’s oncology department of being ‘dysfunctional’, the BBC Scotland website reported: Dr David Dunlop told NHS Tayside the deaths between 2016 and 2018 were not linked to treatment variation. […]