After Reporting Scotland called them ‘dysfunctional’ forcing an unnecessary inquiry did NHS Tayside’s chemotherapy dosage variations actually do good?

Because it was always a good thing to try with those patients?

The Herald, above, still milking the story yesterday despite BBC Scotland seeming to have, if quietly, admitted they were wrong:

The deaths between 2016 and 2018 WERE NOT linked to treatment variation.’

Five months after Reporting Scotland had accused Tayside’s oncology department of being ‘dysfunctional’, the BBC Scotland website reported:

Dr David Dunlop told NHS Tayside the deaths between 2016 and 2018 were not linked to treatment variation. NHS Tayside had been criticised for offering lower doses of the drugs than in the rest of Scotland. Dr Dunlop said two cases were not relevant, one refused chemotherapy, and the rest had very poor prognoses.

The patients had been given the lower doses to help them cope with frankly terrifying side-effects.

You’ll not be smiling when you hear what we’ve found someone to say!

Reporting Scotland have not returned to the story to apologise for their initial reporting. On April 2nd, they said:

 ‘The report today pointed to the possibility of a dysfunctional department. ‘Detectives’ spoke of pharmacy and nursing staff who said they had concerns about the change of procedures, but they felt they were not being listened to and that their position was one above.’

Only Reporting Scotland used the word ‘dysfunctional’. The BBC website and all the papers I looked at (8) did not use the term either. Why?

TuS reported at length on this disgraceful episode:

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