Why is cancer treatment crisis in NHS England NOT apparent in Scotland?

In the Guardian today:

Efforts to improve people’s chances, by spotting tumours early on when they can be more easily treated, are being hampered by a chronic lack of skilled diagnostic staff, says Cancer Research UK. The charity’s experts estimate that about 115,000 people who get cancer are already at stage 3 when it is detected, where the cancer may have started to spread, or stage 4, where it has reached other organs and is known as secondary or metastatic cancer. About 67,000 are diagnosed with stage 4 each year and their treatment options are much fewer. CRUK says the numbers may be even higher because there is no record made of the stage at which 19% of more than 300,000 new cancer patients a year are diagnosed in England.

The situation in Scotland is not being reported at the moment for lack of negative factors, which can be extracted using Reporting Scotland editorial guidelines, to misinform, sorry, inform the public. Here are a few:

Nearly 95% of Scottish confirmed cancer patients start treatment within 31-day target

June 25, 2019

SNP blamed as none of improving NHS Scotland’s boards in 10 worst places for cancer treatment waiting times

June 13, 2019

NHS Scotland smashes NINE Head and Neck Cancer Quality Performance Indicators

May 14, 2019

The tragic consequences of Tory-rule as NHS England’s cancer screening programmes all fail while in NHS Scotland…..sssh…no, I won’t

May 10, 2019

Dysfunctional Reporting Scotland dabble in complex cancer treatment and cause damaging patient anxiety

May 2, 2019

LATEST: 96.1% of Lymphoma blood cancer cases treated within target time

May 2, 2019

Bias by extreme selection as BBC Scotland seriously distort your view on cancer care several times a day

May 1, 2019

Reporting Scotland describes 95% of cancer patients being positive as only ‘MOST being happy’

April 30, 2019

Reporting Scotland demonstrate how to fake a connection between NHS Tayside and Breast Cancer Deaths

April 16, 2019

NHS Scotland’s continually improving cancer treatment figures

April 9, 2019

NHS Scotland hits 31 day cancer waiting time target for third time in a row despite massive demand

March 26, 2019

Scottish Government invests £100 million in cancer strategy even as incidence falls

February 5, 2019

NHS Scotland beats 95% target for cancer treatment despite 6.6% increase in demand

December 19, 2018

As NHS England cancer treatment wait statistics ‘set to be worst on record’, NHS Scotland’s success is ignored

November 10, 2018

Cancer mortality rates fall 10% but Reporting Scotland ignore it

October 31, 2018

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2 thoughts on “Why is cancer treatment crisis in NHS England NOT apparent in Scotland?

  1. And, on GMS today, they continued the selective use of data with the release of the report on sentencing – ‘most people think sentences are too lenient’ was the headline, with a sub headline that most people felt the justice system was fair.

    Reeval Alderson then gave a pretty balanced summary of what was a fairly technical report commissioned by Lady Dorrian’s group which is looking at sentencing guidelines. This was a fairly nuanced piece of research..

    Most people rather honestly admitted that they actually knew very little about sentencing, which was something which Lady Dorrian picked up on because there is a policy to reduce the number of short-term custodial sentences being given, because they do very little to rehabilitate the offenders and often make their circumstances much worse and because most offenders do not actually present a danger to the public.

    However, because of the anti-liberal attitude of the media (and the Tory Party and much of the Labour Party) most people thought very few custodial sentences were given (14%), whereas around 40% receive custodial sentences. This is down to the ‘soft on crime’ line pedled by the media and by the Tories and the last Labour Government. I have heard several people with long experience in the prison service (as staff and as prisoners) describe Jack Straw as the most reactionary and nasty Home Secretary that there has been within living memory.

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