In the Guardian today:

Efforts to improve people’s chances, by spotting tumours early on when they can be more easily treated, are being hampered by a chronic lack of skilled diagnostic staff, says Cancer Research UK. The charity’s experts estimate that about 115,000 people who get cancer are already at stage 3 when it is detected, where the cancer may have started to spread, or stage 4, where it has reached other organs and is known as secondary or metastatic cancer. About 67,000 are diagnosed with stage 4 each year and their treatment options are much fewer. CRUK says the numbers may be even higher because there is no record made of the stage at which 19% of more than 300,000 new cancer patients a year are diagnosed in England.

The situation in Scotland is not being reported at the moment for lack of negative factors, which can be extracted using Reporting Scotland editorial guidelines, to misinform, sorry, inform the public. Here are a few:

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