Scottish Lib Dems fume as NHS England told to copy NHS Scotland?

After 3 failed attempts to persuade the Scottish Government to adopt 3 failed Westminster policy initiatives and, thus, demonstrate the strength of the Union (link below), Stephanie Jones-Berry has undone all their good work. In the Nursing Standard today:

Implementing safe staffing ratios would solve the workforce crisis in England, according to an expert in the field. Linda Aiken, a specialist in nurse safe staffing research, roused nurses into rapturous applause on the issue at the RCN International Nursing Research Conference, held in Sheffield this week. Dr Aiken, a University of Pennsylvania professor of nursing and an RCN honorary fellow, said workforce shortages should not be used as an excuse for inaction. Dr Aiken also said NHS employers could pay back newly-qualified nurses’ student loans if they guaranteed to remain with the organisation for a set period.

Now, Dr Aiken has a Scottish-sounding name. Does she keep in touch with developments in NHS Scotland? See this from 2nd May:

Legislation to support staffing across health and social care services has been passed by the Scottish Parliament. The Health and Care (Staffing) Bill is the first comprehensive multi-disciplinary workload and workforce planning legislation in the UK…..Speaking after the vote, Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said: “This is an important Bill that will promote safe staffing across our NHS and social care services and, in doing so, improve patient experience.

Here’s the Lib Dem ‘Copy England wee jocks’ link:

UK-obsessed Scottish Lib Dems want us to copy a third Westminster policy to do something we are already doing better ourselves.

The adoption of safe staffing is of course made feasible by earlier developments:

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June 4, 2019

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May 24, 2019

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April 27, 2019

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