Increased doctor and nurse training in NHS Scotland

Two linked reports from Ludo and Legerwood:

Ludo Thierry

The SNP Scottish Government find funding to recruit a further 70 Doctors in Training (for specialties experiencing particularly high demand). Link and snippets from below (over 6% increase in Doctors in Training in Scotland since SNP Scottish Governmentt took office:

70 extra frontline medical trainees.

Hospital patients and staff will benefit from the creation of 70 new posts for trainee doctors in several medical specialities.

All of the additional posts will support hospital-based medical specialities which have been identified as under pressure from increased patient need, including radiology, oncology, anaesthesia, intensive care and obstetrics and gynaecology. 14 of the trainees will also spend time training in general practice and mental health placements.

The Scottish Government will cover the costs of the trainee salaries, which will amount to £2.3 million in 2020-21, increasing to £3.4 million in 2021-22 and beyond. Successful applicants will start in their new posts in autumn 2020.
Health Secretary Jeane Freeman said:

“Scotland has an excellent reputation as a place to work and train for doctors. The number of doctors in training in Scotland has increased by more than 6% since 2006.’


The number of student nurses and midwives has also increased again to 4006 for 2019-20. In 2012-13 the intake was down to 2400 after a series of cuts in part due to the, then, record numbers in training – just over 10,300 – which led to fear that there would not be enough jobs for them when they qualified.

The intake has increased in each year since then to the current 4006.

Their tuition fees are paid by the SG and they get a bursary. This year it is £8,100 up from £6,500 last year and intended to be £10,000 by the end of this Parliament.

In addition there are Dependent’s allowances of £3640 for a dependent spouse/partner or for a child. Full details here:

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