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New SNP candidate Allan Dorans, former Detective Inspector with ‘the Met’, and the author leading from the rear

Most voters in Ayr, Carrick and Cumnock want a society that looks after everyone. Even if you’re young and fit today, you know that you will someday need help. If you have older or disabled relatives and friends you want them to get the public services which the SNP, Labour and to some extent, the Lib Dems are committed to. Here are the 2017 results:

  • Conservative   18 550
  • SNP                  15 776
  • Labour             11 024
  • Lib Dem           872

In 2017, around 27 000 voted for parties embracing these progressive values and only 18 550 voted for Tory austerity so the majority got what they hadn’t voted for. I realise that some of those Tory voters didn’t really know that they were voting for austerity but are just in a habit of voting Tory.

Opinion polls across Scotland, from the more reliable YouGov, put the SNP ahead on around 46%, Tories on 22% and Labour collapsing to around only 10% but in seats like Ayr, the Tory vote is stronger. Don’t let Ayr be one of the very few where they hang on because you’ve wasted your vote.

Only the SNP can beat the Tories here so Labour voters need to put their own interests ahead of party loyalty and vote strategically to get the Tories out.

It’s not just austerity. Boris Johnson’s new right-wing Tories want to leave the EU anyway they can, with enormous damage to all of our lives. Workers’ rights and conditions will be sacrificed. Jobs will be lost as the economy shrinks. Food standards will be lowered – rat hairs, maggots and mould in the food chain. EU tax regulations, due to come in soon, preventing the super-rich from keeping their money secretly off-shore and avoiding taxation will be prevented. That’s why the super-rich are backing Brexit, tricking the rest of the population into thinking they can control our borders. If you vote Labour or Lib Dem, you might let in an Ayr MP who gives Boris the majority he needs to damage the lives of many of those who live here.

So, come on, Labour and Lib Dem voters! I used to be a Labour supporter myself. I know it hurts to realise that the Scottish Labour leadership has failed us. Decades of power in Scotland but no real effect on UK priorities so allowing Scotland to stay poor and exploited. I haven’t even mentioned the oil which no UK government has taxed properly, and Scottish oilfields Gordon Brown gave away.