Nuclear Waste Threat! One reason why South Ayrshire voters should never trust the Tories

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As highly toxic nuclear waste trains continue to run through Ayr, Prestwick and Barrassie, every two or three days, against the law, I’m reminded of how in the early 1980s the Thatcher government tried to use the Ayrshire Hills as a dump for dangerous waste that would not become safe for thousands of years.

Ayr CND reported on these trains in 2017 and pointed out that moving the waste in this way is both dangerous due to possible leaks, and is against Scottish Law. The SNP Government at Holyrood is opposed to such transport, but it continues, to meet the needs of the UK nuclear industry.

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Deeply worrying, in 2018, one of these trains ran a stop signal near Kingussie and was then forced to sit in a siding, contrary to regulations, for six hours. This is forbidden because it is known that the containers constantly emit low-level radiation.

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Lorries carrying nuclear weapons run close to Ayrshire, regularly on the M74, and of course, submarines pass between Ayr and Arran carrying enough weapons to wipe us all out many times over. Retiring MP, Bill Grant is, of course, a supporter of the nuclear non-deterrent and, as far as I can see, has shown no interest in the risk to his constituents of the trains. Don’t expect his replacement to be any different. The SNP is firmly opposed to the lorries, the trains and the submarines.

40 years ago, the same contempt for the people they represent

Mullwharchar from Loch Doon

In 1980, the Thatcher Government planned to store huge quantities of nuclear waste inside Mullwharchar, a hill at the south end of Loch Doon and visible from Ayr. The local Tory MP, George Younger, said and did nothing to prevent it despite, or perhaps because of, being Secretary of State for Scotland and a cabinet member. Local protest groups, in the end, managed to have the plan abandoned but no thanks to him or local Tories.

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You can argue all day, about the economy, public spending, health, education or policing but when a party so clearly cares nothing for your safety or that of your children or your children’s children, then you cannot trust them with anything.

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3 thoughts on “Nuclear Waste Threat! One reason why South Ayrshire voters should never trust the Tories

  1. This is unrelated to the above article so apologies but I require some assistance. I cannot seem to find an article you had on the website which also had a report by Labour for Independence on postal vote rigging. Can you give me a link to this please as I need to re-read it. Sorry for the inconvenience.


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