Is this BBC Drug Deaths Correspondent Laura Winters?

From the NHS Scotland Information Services Division yesterday:

The Scottish Government set a standard that 90% of people referred for help with their drug or alcohol problem will wait no longer than three weeks for treatment that supports their recovery.

The quarterly trend for Scotland as a whole over the past three years shows little change in target-busting performance.

Of the 10,325 people who started their first treatment in the most recent quarter, 93.2% waited three weeks or less.

For the 5,758 people seeking alcohol treatment, 93.0% waited three weeks or less.

For the 4,567 people seeking drug treatment, 93.3% waited three weeks or less.

Click to access 2019-09-24-DATWT-Summary.pdf

Reporting Scotland were not available for comment, but someone called Winters (?) was heard to mutter: ‘Yeh, yeh, no one’s interested in that SNP propaganda.’