Scotland ‘on life support from the UK?’ Does anyone seriously believe this man?

A podgy, grey old man wanders the streets with a placard featuring an unattractive image of the ‘Sturgeon’ shouting the latest in a series of deranged predictions:

Does anyone seriously believe that Nicola Sturgeon intends to hold a referendum next year, or the year after? In the aftermath of a pandemic, which may have further waves and variants? With the public finances wrecked and Scotland’s economy on life-support from the UK? I think Scotland’s voters have twigged: she’s kidding on. It’s an indy neverendum.

I am not, under any circumstances giving this the detailed response it would deserve if the author was a trusted commentator but given that the Herald keeping posting his stuff and that perhaps one reader might believe it, I’ll give it a few minutes.

Life support from the UK?

I understand many of the ill-informed in Buckinghamshire believe that sort of thing but most of us up here know that Westminster borrowed the money for the ‘life support’ they’re on too and that we’ll be paying it back together.

There is nothing ‘from the UK’ that we did not earn before and he either knows that and is thus deeply cynical or he does not know it any more and that’s worrying for him.

For more recent signs of decay, see:

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‘A decent man who did a lot of good’ Iain Macwhirter

In 1962, Prince Phillip insisted on going ahead with a Tiger hunt, despite protests from British and Indian politicians. He defended his decision to shoot a tiger following the incident, saying they were not endangered. By 1972, the Tiger population of India had almost been wiped out. At the time of the shooting, the Prince was ‘helping to found’ the WWF. In his book “Queen of the World,” royal author Robert Hardman detailed the incident. The Maharajah was very clear about the main purpose of the visit: The Duke of Edinburgh was going to shoot a tiger. At the very moment … Continue reading‘A decent man who did a lot of good’ Iain Macwhirter17 COMMENTS

The ‘Troubles’ will not trouble Independent Scotland, Iain ‘Red Hand’ Macwhirter

The rioting in Northern Ireland by groups fundamentally believing in the holy meaning of the Union and traumatised by the death of the Duke, has excited the Herald writer’s imagination. The pictures editor has let him down this time. That quiet, wet, mundane border looks too damp to light. Now, four men, a tabard and a big dug, that could kick off! MacGlashan, sorry, Macwhirter, opens with: There has never been a direct read across from the troubles in the province to Scotland. But Northern Ireland is only 12 miles away, and closer culturally and politically than we’d like to … Continue readingThe ‘Troubles’ will not trouble Independent Scotland, Iain ‘Red Hand’ Macwhirter10 COMMENTS

Macwhirter for top job at Telegraph?

It’s been coming for some time. Ian Macwhirter, apparent supporter of independence in 2014 but soon disgruntled supplier of bitter opinion pieces attacking Nicola, NHS Scotland and anything Scottish, has finally come out. This revisionist piece today places him well for a career in London as a house jock. He writes: Like him or loathe him, Boris Johnson will tonight become one of the most important political figures of the past century when the House of Commons finally votes for his Brexit trade deal. Thus ends nearly half a century of British membership of the European Union, and the Brexit culture war … Continue readingMacwhirter for top job at Telegraph?8 COMMENTS

Macwhirter’s Uncanny English thoughts

The essential English leadership secret does not depend on particular intelligence. Rather, it depends on a remarkably stupid thick-headedness. The English follow the principle that when one lies, one should lie big, and stick to it. They keep up their lies, even at the risk of looking ridiculous Joseph Goebbels, 1941 (ref below) Iain Macwhirter returns with a retread: YOU can understand his frustration. Labour politicians like Sir Keir Starmer can’t understand why the Scottish National Party is so successful. It’s just not fair. Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t walk on water. Why are the media not doing more to expose her?  … Continue readingMacwhirter’s Uncanny English thoughts10 COMMENTS

Iain Macwhirter insults Aberdeen track and tracers and our intelligence

In the Herald today, Iain Macwhirter writes: As the Herald’s coverage of the latest Aberdeen outbreak confirms, track and trace has lost its way there. That’s both untrue and offensive to all the hard-working members of the team. How about some facts? On the Aberdeen outbreak: Of the people identified as requiring contact tracing only 3 individuals out of 925 could not be contacted. In other words, teams traced 99.7% of those positive cases which is quite a remarkable achievement. Based on that work, the teams also traced more than 5,000 contacts. And they have been successful in contacting 98.8% … Continue readingIain Macwhirter insults Aberdeen track and tracers and our intelligence10 COMMENTS

‘Clever’ Macwhirter gets it all wrong

In a piece of writing saturated with after-the-event wisdom Iain Macwhirter gloats, thinking he’s scored over the First Minister and Professor Sridhar. I was going to leave it, ‘e’s not warf it‘, but then thought, if this stops just one person believing him, my time is not wasted. See his gloomy ‘It’s looking like a six month sentence‘ and his Christmas warning? Here’s what the First Minister actually said: I also want to address talk that there has been in recent days about restrictions being needed for six months or more. It is certainly the case, that until scientific developments … Continue reading‘Clever’ Macwhirter gets it all wrong18 COMMENTS

Macwhirter’s cod psychology is just a more genteel form of attack on the SNP leader

Taking the second point in the headline first, Macwhirter’s ‘some in the SNP‘ has no real evidence for it other than that from a tiny handful of disgruntled former leading members, with links to the Scottish media. There has been no poll asking Scots if they think the FM has lost the desire for independence. As for what Nicola wants, here’s Macwhirter’s theory based on his reading of her personality based on her behaviour in the Covid crisis: So, because in dealing with the most significant, life and death, leadership challenge of her life, where she is surrounded by expert … Continue readingMacwhirter’s cod psychology is just a more genteel form of attack on the SNP leader9 COMMENTS

Opinion: Garbage, garbage, but Iain Macwhirter has not yet cornered the market on having an unctuous feel

In the wake of the Scotsman’s Kevin Christie, Macwhirter tries the same trick of trying to convince the reader that many of the SNP Government’s efforts have been failures and the reputation, of it and of the First Minister, is a con job or trick. Yesterday, he wrote: Political leadership is essentially a confidence trick. It is the art of being in charge, of calling the shots and stopping the buck – or at least appearing to. Nicola Sturgeon has confidence coming out of her ears. Her performance this week, as throughout the pandemic, was exemplary. She was cool, clear, … Continue readingOpinion: Garbage, garbage, but Iain Macwhirter has not yet cornered the market on having an unctuous feel15 COMMENTS

Iain ‘Lap dog’ Macwhirter declares Boris not guilty!

Thanks to Brenda Steele for spotting this: Iain MacWhirter yesterday: Now, I don’t subscribe to the view that Boris Johnson has allowed thousands to die in order to save his billionaire Brexit chums. The UK government behaved reasonably, according to its lights, muddling through as always.  Is he just naive or ill-informed? We know for several facts that the UK’s uniquely late and fatal lock-down was ideologically informed. The Tories are wedded to free-market thinking which put business interests first unless something really extreme change things in a way they cannot resist but they will always tend to resist as long as … Continue readingIain ‘Lap dog’ Macwhirter declares Boris not guilty!7 COMMENTS

The Sturgeon Pivot and the Macwhirter Hearing-aid Syndrome

I suppose you have to mishear what some politicians say if you need to write something, anything, today. Here’s what occasional Independence supporter, the Herald’s Iain Macwhirter, has to say today: Ms Sturgeon’s speech received rave reviews from the former Chancellor George Osborne and the former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith. Mind you, I’m not entirely sure that they quite heard what she said. Mr Osborne urged Boris Johnson, as he returns to his desk tomorrow, to listen to her views on the “hard trade-offs” that the public must accept as we “plan to end the lockdown”. They seemed to … Continue readingThe Sturgeon Pivot and the Macwhirter Hearing-aid Syndrome


17 thoughts on “Scotland ‘on life support from the UK?’ Does anyone seriously believe this man?

  1. What a grand, politically balanced programme, Campaign BBC Scotland at 10-30pm was last night!!
    We had Kezia and McWhirter to ‘analyse, a BBC ‘Cook’ investigation, and some Tory bloke ,(name of Greene?). However, Willie didn’t get an outing so we must be grateful for small mercies.
    One way traffic, with McWhirter reckoning Indy vote would/should be 10 years away.
    BBC propaganda getting into full flow now.

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  2. Tis England that WILL for certain require
    ICU life support as administered by the
    Austere IMF
    When they deprived of the 38% total of UK assets which are within the curtilage
    Of Scottish boundaries
    England has the worst trade deficit in the whole world and The EU slowly but surely can and wull erode the City of London as a important financial centre,a process already well under way
    It will become so bad for them that a big portion of humble pie in the form of re joining the EU will have to be made
    And i strongly advise them that by such time Scotland will be a full EU member
    With a veto upon English re entry
    And that is one massive chip to flick through our fingers as we negotiate our separation from them
    Little do the Scots know the sheer bargaining power we have at our disposal for the upcoming inevitable negotiations for separation
    Energy and getting cheaper and more bountiful as each second passes
    Food- England produces less than 20% of its needs
    Water by the Loch full
    The most strategically important coast line in Geo Politics
    International friends and very powerful ones at that
    Little does England realise how much they are despised abroad,far less how untrustworthy they are
    For certain It is very much in Russian,Chinese, German, French and many Islamic Nations strategic interests
    That England becomes very militarily and economically weak
    All this shall awaken them from their current delusional slumber to the harsh reality of the World as it actually is
    Buddhism refers to such as Karma
    The bad deeds of England cannot be undone and they must suffer the consequences of such in a impoverished and extremely weakened condition
    Oh how the mighty fall
    Thump Thump Thump Thump Thump


  3. At the moment I am once again pounding the streets with election leaflets. I am putting up Party election logos on lampposts. I am putting up field posters. I have done this for decades. However this time I am doing it for ALBA instead of the SNP.

    I know Scotland is more than wealthy enough to be a Independent Nation once again.

    However I do not believe Nicola Sturgeon will pursue Independence. I know it upsets the rigid SNP supporters on here but give some respect to the thousands of long term SNP members who have left. We are not “Party jumpers” by nature. We held CA and Branch roles. We pounded the streets with you when getting a half dozen MPs was a dream. I will still vote SNP on the constituency this time to progress the hope that the SNP (not Nicola) pursue Independence.

    Have you No Doubts about the state of SNP internal democracy?
    No concerns about the NEC?
    No concerns about procedural changes that neuter the members voices?


    1. No ! The vast majority of voters don’t give a f*ck for the minutiae of internal Party politics – they are worried about the everyday problems of feeding their kids , keeping a roof over their heads , etc..
      Are they better being governed by a party led by Nicola Sturgeon rather than a greedy , lying sociopath ( guess who ? ) ?
      They will vote for the person/party that gives them some hope for the future and will NOT minutely scrutinise the navel fluff that keeps political nerds counting the number of angels on a pinhead !

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      1. I’d agree with that, James. But then, I’m not party-aligned so perhaps these things matter less to me than they would to a party member.

        Surely, after Independence *all* the parties will have to consider what the new situation means to them. Things will change, I’d hope.


      2. Well said James. . . . Get independence, then sort things out. . . . . If they need sorted. . . . . On the other hand, all the above might just turn out to be A Unionist conspiracy


        1. Clydebuilt
          Re.ban of election posters you 100% correct
          And it was a private bill on behalf of Boris the Terrible who pushed thru Westminster
          All in response to Dogs and their walkers
          Instantly recongising Tory posters
          Whereby a sudden urge and need to urinate upon the lamp post bearing Tory
          The urine was found to be particularly
          Alkaline and very quickly corroded the bases
          This is a very fine example of excellent governance by Boris and the Tories in acting expeditiously to save public funds
          I will now without doubt be voting Tory
          On the constituency and list vote
          I urge all to follow suit if not Scotland is doomed
          This article was brought to you by
          The Monty Python Team


    2. You sure it wholly ‘internal democracy’? Civil servants are installed by the English Government, they are all very well trained.
      Pro independence majority is the only way to secure independence. I would consider voting Alba on the list, but the ANTI SNP coming from some in that new party is highly suspect, very unhelpful right now, and doing the BritNats’ job for them, enough to put some off from engaging with Alba party at all imo.


      1. Premieroneuk Actually in Scotland Yoon Councils banned posters on lamp posts. . . . They did this as they didn’t have activists to put them up whilst the SNP did.


  4. Do not believe the garbage. Scotland has lost £Billions to Westminster corruption and criminality. Paying for what it does not need and not having the monies to pay for what it needs. The so called deficit imposed by Westminster. Pro rata the rest of the UK borrows £10Billion more. The deficit + Chinese funding. Excessive loans that have to be paid back. A waste of public monies with better safer, cleaner alternatives.

    Paying back repayments on loans not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Trident, redundant weaponry, military not based in Scotland, Tax evasion. Paying for jobs on the Mall and London HQ. Resources and revenues going south. (Oil, whisky etc). Illegal wars. The £2500 rears it’s head again. Scotland paying for Westminster poor, bad decisions. Hickley Point, HS2, etc. Cameron. The British/Chinese consortium. The Tory slush fund. Selling illegal, weapons since the 1960’s. Against International Law causing havoc around the world.

    Scotland can’t borrow to invest in the economy. Growth would pay for itself and increase the population. Scotland the best place in the world for renewables. All the most successful countries in the world are small counties like Scotland.

    Scotland has more resources and can raise more revenues. Without Westminster colossal interference. Poor, bad decisions. Taking Scottish resources and revenues and wasting them for years. Scotland pays more for fuel and energy. Despite being in surplus and nearer the sources.

    Vote for Independence. Curb Westminster excessive and poor bad decisions. Make the world a better place. More equal and prosperous. If Scotland gets better off so do the neighbours.


  5. Westminster plans more austerity. Increased military spending £5Billion+ a year. Spending £Billions more on Trident missiles. Their priorities are all wrong. They should be keeping people alive not planning to kill them. The US will divert them now the Tories are out of EU defence systems. Costing more. Shared Defence kept costs down. The nearest biggest market. CAP payments and renewable grants and investments. Scotland will lose revenues and resources because of Brexit, Scotland voted to stay in.

    Brexit chaos means the Tories will not last very long. They will have to renegotiate with the EU. The exports are falling rapidly. Imports more difficult and costly. Or rejoin. The majority want membership.

    The Brexit Ref was illegally manipulated. To make Hedge Funds and their Tory associate’s £Billions. People are starving and dying. The wealthier are dancing on their graves. Life expectancy in the south going down. The Tories are killing off their supporters. Males over 70.


  6. The Herod and much of the rest of the print media have dwindling and ageing readerships – even online. And the bulk of the readership are British nationalist, and largely scared by the media about the ‘nightmare on the streets’ So, Mr McWhirter is writing to sustain the dwindling unionist vote. Being sleekit, he is using comments of the various non-SNP strands of independence supporters to imply to his readers that they must remain firm.

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  7. If and we know it’s bull, Scotland was on ‘life support from the UK’ (lol)
    the English Government certainly would have their scheming, lying, troughing dirty hands on the big red OFF switch should the need arise!
    Snap! Scotland’s kaboom, oops!
    England is on life support from Scotland is the reality and they are clinging on for dear life, well more for their gravy train to stay on the tracks heading south every year, thieving £trillions FROM Scotland.
    McWhirty gets worse, the faux fence he sat on for a wee while broke and he has shown his true red white and blue colours. Just another sleekit rogue, why don’t these people move to England if they think their own country is so damn sh**e!


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