Macwhirter for top job at Telegraph?

It’s been coming for some time. Ian Macwhirter, apparent supporter of independence in 2014 but soon disgruntled supplier of bitter opinion pieces attacking Nicola, NHS Scotland and anything Scottish, has finally come out.

This revisionist piece today places him well for a career in London as a house jock.

He writes:

Like him or loathe him, Boris Johnson will tonight become one of the most important political figures of the past century when the House of Commons finally votes for his Brexit trade deal. Thus ends nearly half a century of British membership of the European Union, and the Brexit culture war which has bitterly divided the nation for the last four and a half years.

Mr Johnson is a most unlikely history man. Most political commentators, 
myself included, dismissed him as a charlatan, a buffoon, an intellectually lazy chancer who just got lucky when he was elected London Mayor in 2008. But no one has a lucky streak as long as his without having a touch of genuine political genius.

Has he read anything at all that might enlighten him as to what Boris really thinks of all of us Jocks, even toadies like him and Ruth?

No matter how he lionises Boris today, he can be sure that Boris will sneer and snigger about him within minutes of meeting him at some London soirée. The other guests will delight in pretending they cannot understand what he is saying.

Mwah mwah spaffed up the wall!

11 thoughts on “Macwhirter for top job at Telegraph?

  1. For 50 years, I have contributed articles to The Herald and The Scotsman; admittedly not so-many this past year as they have slashed and burned their freelance contributions budget.

    Now, however, I have called time, no more will I write for them.

    This absolute shitty article from McWhirter was the last straw.

    As they say in Glasgow – Whit a bawbag.

    Apologies for the language.

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  2. I gave up with all Unionist papers years ago. Do the Scottish variety not understand that support for the Union is less than 50% so to keep customers they should write for the majority opinion that being freedom from the political idiots down south.

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  3. Hi Jack has a pretty big slush fund to play with. Just under £10 million.
    Much of it to keep the papers sweet, and in his pocket. but maybe a chunk is for wee brown envelopes—to be doled out to the needy hack-pack individuals as required.


    1. Perhaps, Mr Jack’s office is seeking to recruit even more ‘journalists’. Its publicity budget is already a huge proportion of the overall budget. However, as we move into Holyrood elections, they will need even more hacks, especially ones who know a lot about the politics of Scotland.

      If there is a pro-independence majority in Holyrood, then even more hacks will be hired to pimp the ‘Scotland is bad’ message. The Herod will probably close the National.


  4. God almighty, have never read such pap in all my life. What is Macwhirter after? A seat at the HOL’s? What an a**e licker, I felt a bit sick reading what he wrote there, ewww! I think Mr. M has lost the plot, if he ever had it in the first place, which seems increasingly unlikely. Which way doth the wind blow? Poooo it stinks, follow that smell Macwhirter for you will get your reward, not, lol!


  5. Click bait. Does not even work any more. ‘Journalists’ doing themselves out of a job. Leading to their own demise. Beyond stupid.


    1. Agreed on the Johnson “bluff”, all of this has been orchestrated to create a “saved in the nick of time” moment for Johnson and ensure that WM had insufficient time to ask detailed questions before it was a fait accompli, which legally it had to anyway. They knew damned well this “deal” would go down like a pint of cold sick, the problem/relief for the blonde blusterbus is he must go, how to set the stage?
      This is where McWhirter plays his part in setting the Scottish scene for St Boris’s fall from grace, for a man so despised in Scotland as Johnson all you need do is praise him.

      The dawning realisation in England mid-January the deal is not what they said was on the tin, combined with the reality of how much added bureaucracy affects normal life, topped up by growing awareness English lives have been sacrificed on the altar of “herd-immunity” by an Etonian “erse wi teeth”, will usher in a “new broom” to allow the Tory cycle to continue, doubtless with “belt-tightening” and prudence aplenty.

      Meanwhile on the Northern front a very different story will be emerging, and short of the world’s media somehow being banned by #10, the story will get out how a fraction of the UK’s population beat the odds and want to keep it that way, permanently.
      It’s going to be an interesting 2021…


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