Macwhirter’s weakness for lovable rogues and fear of strong women

He can’t help it. Clearly still a wee lad himself, the Herald’s Iain Macwhirter can’t help liking, maybe wishing he was, an Alpha, just a tad.

In April 2021 on Big Game Phil:

In December 2020:

Mr Johnson is a most unlikely history man. Most political commentators, myself included, dismissed him as a charlatan, a buffoon, an intellectually lazy chancer who just got lucky when he was elected London Mayor in 2008. But no one has a lucky streak as long as his without having a touch of genuine political genius.

But when it comes to smart young women having the nerve to use reason and science to control his behaviour, he’s not so chummy. When based on Prof Sridhar’s advice, Sturgeon locks us down to save lives:

On another occasion, he refers to the FM as the ‘headmistress’ and then doubts her sincerity is greater than Johnson’s using for evidence something he knows to be a lie:


5 thoughts on “Macwhirter’s weakness for lovable rogues and fear of strong women

  1. The slavering “running dogs” of Brit Nat cultism, snap, bouch and snarl at their poor readership, to gain a pat on the head from Boris or Hi Jack.
    Bouffin Boris Cretins.

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  2. Forgotten about the illegal wars and millions maimed and killed. The biggest consumers on the planet, lecturing others. The tax evasion and non payments of tax. The gross interference in political matters. Life expectancy in the south going down. 120,000 more deaths. From austerity, There are more from Covid.

    Johnston and his cronies breaking the Law, continually. Westminster unionists fighting with China, India, the EU, Russia, the US, the Middle East causing death and destruction, They are fighting with people everywhere.


  3. As we know due to commercial expediency alone in 2014 the Herald’s owners saw an opportunity to split the readership between pro Union and pro Nationalism in attempt to stem the move away from MSmedia and to maximise profits for their shareholders which I suspect has worked to some extent. As we see daily they must out of desperation continue to pander to their respective audiences by scraping around for any material no matter how trivial to keep their readerships on board. Sadly in doing so they have abandoned their journalistic and moral principles along with their prime responsibility and obligation to inform the general public for which the founding members intended which is a damning indictment on how far the MSMedia in Britain has deteriorated as we become more politically polarised. In essence they have sold out what little integrity they had to the devil and I wonder how well they sleep at night in their betrayal of their country.

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    1. ?? The media have not forgotten they still continue with their lies about care home deaths in Scotland…
      Macwhirter is a dulpicitous British Nationalist jobsworth, a real opportunist. He does Scotland much disservice, but, by using words like ‘s**t’ and ‘s**m’ tells us little. Yes they are these things but for people to understand the gravity of their lies and the level of their dangerous power in fact, there are many words which describe how they operate, how they lie, and how they also benefit themselves from their lies.

      Same goes for Johnson and his followers, describe what it is they do, how they do it, and call them out for it, one word insults just dilutes the seriousness of these peoples’ dreadful and cruel actions, propaganda and lies.


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