Labour’s faked feelings

Susan Dalgety | The Scotsman Journalist | Muck Rack

Scotsman writer, former adviser to Lord McConnell and Labour Councillor, Susan Dalgety, is quick to condemn the FM with the faux indignation of the sociopath:

It’s a Labour pattern of behaviour as they creepily groom unsuspecting relatives and promise them revenge on professionals they can connect to the SNP Government:

Glasgow health board 'not fit for purpose' after claim it tried to 'cover  up' death of 10-year-old - Daily Record

Sarwar has been revelling in telling this tale of Millie Main since the tragic death 4 years ago. In a recent TV debate, when Sturgeon responds, he twice shouts ‘Millie Main’ at her.

Today a factual observation on support for independence in the different age groups is turned by Dalgety and others into evidence of the lack of empathy they know they have so little of themselves – takes one to know one?

Dalgety has previously revealed what she is. In November 2020, I pointed to it:

The vitriolic hatred of some women for other women seems to surpass that of men for other men (source below).

What is certain is than one woman, Susan Dalgety of the Scotsman, will attack the First Minister in a more visceral way than any male writer I can remember.

Former Adviser to Jack McConnell and Labour Councillor, Susan Dalgety. is one the Scotsman’s attack dogs, such as Brian Wilson (Labour Minister under Blair) John McDonnell (Tory Councillor) and Brian Monteith (UKIP MEP) who hide their other selves.

In the above piece, she dissects the body of cancer victim, Tracey Emin, to help the reader feel the full horror of the most extreme case before applying that image, heartlessly, to all other cancer cases, then shockingly, blame the First Minister for the deaths of thousands still to come because of the treatment delays due to her Covid strategy. There are of course no statistics supporting that bloody accusation.

Then, perhaps revealing the ability to compartmentalise of the sociopathic mind, Dalgety writes:

My daughter-in-law, a mobile hairdresser, has just been told by the First Minister to stop working, with no apparent safety net to compensate for her loss of income. Her experience is replicated across the hospitality sector with people and businesses thrown on the scrapheap without, it seems, a scintilla of sympathy. 

Does the mobile hairdresser have receipts and a tax return? If so, I feel sure compensation is available. Did she pay any tax?

And, sympathy? Has Dalgety seen none of the briefings?

Dalgety goes too far. Is there no editor at the once great Scotsman, one of the few UK newspapers to speak against British Imperialist aggression in the 1956 Suez Campaign?

Association for Psychological Science (2011, March 5). Mean girls and queen bees: Females threatened by social exclusion will reject others first. ScienceDaily. Retrieved September 17, 2013

Susan Dalgety | The Scotsman Journalist | Muck Rack

9 thoughts on “Labour’s faked feelings

  1. Their British Nationalism trumps all decorum and sensibility in these paper-hopping bands of Ultra propagandists in Scotland’s colonial media.

    The same gung-ho @rse-licking cultism was prevalent in Adolfs Germany, and Stalinist Russia. Both with statist media outlets for “rousing the masses”.

    The first casualty of the Brit Nat war is truth.

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  2. This is so much nonsense: ‘demographics’, ‘age’ and ‘time’ impact everyone and everything, always – even politics.

    Source: Chris Curtis (25 April 2017) ‘The demographics dividing Britain.’ YouGov online

    ‘.. YouGov data shows how class, age, gender, education and income will shape the electorate.’ And: ‘Although every voter is an individual, this data shows how demographics relate to electoral behaviour.’

    ‘… today, class would tell you little more about a person’s voting intention that (sic) looking at their horoscope or reading their palms.’

    The article goes on to argue for: ‘Age: The new dividing line in British politics’

    Referring to polling in 2017: ‘In electoral terms, age is the new class. The starkest way to show this is to note that Labour is 19% ahead when it comes to 18-24 year-olds and the Conservatives are ahead by 49% among the over 65s. Our analysis suggest that the current tipping point – which is to say the age where voters are more likely to favour the Conservatives over Labour – is 34.

    ‘In fact, for every 10 years older a voter is, their chance of voting Tory increases by around 8% and the chance of them voting Labour decreases by 6%. This age divide could create further problems for Labour …..’

    Voting Labour? YouGov can’t be talking about Scotland!

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  3. I’m afraid it is not just senior Tories that can rightly be labelled as scum the Brit nat media is up there with the very worst of them.


  4. People have died from cancer in the rest of the world or died from Covid. Tracy Emin comes from Brighton. 50,000 people die in Scotland a year. Comparable to other places. 1/2+ Million die in the UK. On average after a long life. There will be those that died from cancer or covid.

    Japan 85 years. The highest average. Spain 84. Women outlive men by five years, worldwide. It is the Westminster Gov fault that people do not live as long in the UK as they do in Japan and Spain. Genetics play a part. Healthy diet. Fish and vegetables. Mediterranean diet.


  5. Older people are more likely to vote and their are more of them. The Tory Party 100,000 mainly men over seventy. More people vote for the SNP in Scotland 51%. The D’Hond’t system skews the vote. 1million FP vote’s ho in the bin. To let 3rd rate unionist losers in. There is a quota.

    Labour has increased members because of Jeremy Corbyn. They are now leaving again. More men than women join political parties. Women are under represented 30%.


  6. Scottish government, bad bad bad, oh wait, recieved letter today, wow, ‘Low Income Pandemic Payment’ for those on low income who get C. Tax reduction, for carers, people who are cared for, refugees, care leavers, under 18, or severely mentally impaired. £130. Not a lot, but a huge help, thanks to you, very bad uncaring SNP! 😉

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