Major increase in infections in Scotland but to less than Half of that in every other part of UK

Though it has been only two days of increases after more than a week of falling numbers from the 21st, the last two day’s data are concerning. From 969 on the 28th to 1 895 yesterday and now, 2 045 today, I feel sure we’re all holding our breath.

BBC Scotland has been quick to report a ‘record’ rise and the Herald has, for the first time ever, correctly chosen ‘surge’.

Having spent much time in the past downplaying the significance of changes in figures, I must recognise these increases as ‘major.

BBC UK, perhaps hardened by the last few weeks, seems sanguine:

Amid concern over rising coronavirus cases?‘ Rising? Much?

Well, again it’s not easy to find the figures for England, so after sourcing those for the UK and the devolved nations manually, we get

  • UK 53 135
  • Scotland 2 045
  • Wales 2 281
  • N Ireland 2 143
  • So, England 46 666

And, now in perspective the infection rate per head of population in every other part of the UK is at least twice that in Scotland.


  1. England has 10 times the population but 22.8 times the infection level of Scotland.
  2. Scotland has 1.7 times the population of Wales but fewer cases.
  3. Scotland has 2.8 times the population of Northern Ireland but fewer cases.

3 thoughts on “Major increase in infections in Scotland but to less than Half of that in every other part of UK

  1. Scotland has taken a different approach, after the first UkGov attempts to enforce the follow our (Tory) leader or else sham, and it’s just as well.
    The EngGov even attempted to keep PPE etc from being brought into Scotland, which really showed their true colours. People won’t forget that easily. Let’s hope they don’t do the same with the vaccine.

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