Andrew Marr show to get help

Not much reported but in the small print of the BBC report clearing Andrew Marr of bias just because he used the wrong data to lie to viewers, is a requirement that he and his staff get help.

Again, not reported in the media, but Talking-Up Scotland’s chief statistician has got the contract to provide the help. Being either lazy or just smart, he has simply been forwarding readily available UK Gov stats to the Marr team.

Here are the latest:

So the infection rate over the last seven days has been nearly 4 times higher than in Scotland, in Wales, nearly twice as high in Northern Ireland and 3 times as high in England.

And, the infection rate over the whole pandemic has been nearly twice as high than in Scotland, in Wales and more than 50% higher in Northern Ireland and in England.

That should be easy enough to get.

I suppose that leaves one big question, why?

The weather? Our diet? Our NHS? That SNP Government?

I know, the UK’s broad shoulders? We stole their PPE?


Nope, no good.

4 thoughts on “Andrew Marr show to get help

  1. ‘After all, facts are facts, and although we may quote one to another with a chuckle the words of the Wise Statesman, “Lies – damn lies – and statistics”, still there are some easy figures the simplest must understand, and the astutest cannot wriggle out of.’

    From a speech made by Leonard H. Courtney, (1832-1918), later Lord Courtney, in New York in 1895.

    Just for interest: Courtney was a radical British politician and academic who became famous for his advocacy of proportional representation in Parliament and as an opponent of imperialism and militarism. He was President of the Royal Statistical Society (1897–9). Late in his career, as a Liberal Courtney contested unsuccessfully the Edinburgh West seat at the General Election in January 1906.(Source: Wikipedia)

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  2. I suspect the numbers are higher in England than they will ever allow people to know. It would reveal the EngGov ongoing strategy of herd immunity, and that is now having the disastrous consequences that every sensible person knew would happen, in England.

    For all their bleeting the BritNats cannot fool all of the people of Scotland, people are now very savvy, by and large, hence support for independence being as high as it is.

    As a distraction, is it just me or is anyone else finding they are struggling to manage any real enthusiasm for the ‘New Year’, being as there is little to celebrate in the mess that is UKOK.

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  3. BBC Complaints: We cherry pick and ignore most recent data only by accident.
    Me: Oh thanks, that explains it. I never need to complain again, ever.
    BBC: wonder why no one trusts us and viewing figures are plummeting
    BBC: Just choose different figures
    BBC. By accident you mean
    Me: Of course, no one will notice

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