Iain Macwhirter insults Aberdeen track and tracers and our intelligence

In the Herald today, Iain Macwhirter writes:

As the Herald’s coverage of the latest Aberdeen outbreak confirms, track and trace has lost its way there.

That’s both untrue and offensive to all the hard-working members of the team. How about some facts?

On the Aberdeen outbreak:

Of the people identified as requiring contact tracing only 3 individuals out of 925 could not be contacted. In other words, teams traced 99.7% of those positive cases which is quite a remarkable achievement. Based on that work, the teams also traced more than 5,000 contacts. And they have been successful in contacting 98.8% of those individuals. Again, a very important achievement indeed.


Does he mean a later outbreak? Cases are rising across the country. Let’s see how many there were in Aberdeen in the last 24 hours:

Three! The same as South Ayrshire and less than one tenth of Edinburgh. Some outbreak. How will they cope?

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10 thoughts on “Iain Macwhirter insults Aberdeen track and tracers and our intelligence”


    If you are stop buying now
    This man is a liar and misquotes all press releases sent to him


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  2. Alas, a fine journalist succumbs to Brit Nat hubris, cant and mis-direction.

    The “Queens shilling” buys a lot these days, although integrity comes cheap to some!


    1. gavinochilltree
      Re.Queens shilling
      Oh yes it buys a helluva lot especially when spent upon illegal and dubious wars
      Such as The Afghan one where the Taliban can kill a foreign invader all at the grand cost to him and his fellows of 0.89 of a $
      Whilst in order to kill him it cost the taxpayers 10.34 million $ to kill him
      Unless you are 1 of the rich and powerful
      Assoc.with Government and your monies invested in the companies supplying the illegal war ordnance and supplies
      We hear not of The Iraq and Afghan war these days we
      Nor that The Taliban have taken back almost every sq.inch of land that the UK army took at such great cost in lifes and monies
      And that brings me to History that demonstrates Westminster learns NOTHING
      The British Army had its greatest ever defeat inflicted by the forefathers of the Taliban in Victoria,s reign
      But prior to embarking we dispatched a Scotsman serving in India to Suss out the Afghan state of affairs and at the end of his visit
      He met with the leader representing all the Afghan tribes
      And the meet went like this just before
      They parted company and a fine banquet
      The Afghan leader picked a very fine crystal glass and smashed it against the wall
      Saying go tell your Queen that she can consider herself as that glass
      And that the wooden spoon he then picked up and cast upon the wall which
      Bounced and hit the Scot in the face
      That for his Queen to consider that The Afghans were the spoon
      The Scot conveyed such message and along with much else he saw during his diplomatic war reconanince mission
      And we all know how that one ended up
      Do we not
      And all rather similar to the recent adventures in Afghanistan
      So there you go as to the utter stupidity
      Of issue and receipt of such a tiny piece of
      And such was and still is the price of this
      Preciousssssss Union


    2. It’s a long time since I thought of him as a “fine journalist” .
      Years ago, probably in the late 70’s McWhatter was hosting a political prog. On BBC Scotland. Chin Chin was there as well as one other BBC aged politico. They started interviewing Alex Salmond , before long it was like a vicious Witches cauldron.


  3. Shir Keir Starmer, (a Surrey boy–daff saff) has announced “now is not the time” for Scots (us, up here) to get a say in their own future.
    When is the time?

    He thinks he can maybe hold the SNP to ransom, to support his party in power at Westminster.

    Really, he has simplified the matter.
    Now the two big English Parties have stated Scots are voiceless in their own country.
    The manifesto should state a majority elected in 2021, and that will give a mandate to negotiate for independence——- A la Maggie Thatcher!
    See what they say then.
    Are we a colony? Can they run a country without consent?


  4. Iain McSlurry appears to grow increasingly desperate of late for that Christmas bonus without P45 stamped thereon…
    All the Unionists seem to have ganged up on sullying Scotland’s track and trace, despite all evidence it’s been exemplary.. Makes one wonder if the Baroness has demanded one’s shit to be stirred by the Scottish Inquisition… Nobody expects the Gardyloo, except maybe 5.4 million…


  5. I can just imagine McWhatter and G. Brewer hanging about in the BBC’s Union Bar. Their shared company making them feel normal, for a fleeting moment, before heading off home through a land foreign to them.


  6. Long ago, it seems, I respected Ian McWhirter. Even when I disagreed with him I could see he made some valid points. Then, suddenly, he changed.

    It is Ian McWhirter, and Scottish journalists, who have lost their way. Not the Track and Trace team in Aberdeen.


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