Scotland records lowest number of new deaths

England has 10 times the population of Scotland but, today recorded 11 times as many new cases. Wales has half the population of Scotland but recorded three-quarters of the number of new cases.

England has 10 times the population of Scotland but, today recorded 36 times as many deaths.

4 thoughts on “Scotland records lowest number of new deaths”

  1. Sorry John you are confused the main headline today is Scotland records higest infection rate so that is the message the MSMedia want to convey to everyone.

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  2. I can assure you daily i monitor deaths cases and tests each and every day concerning Scotland Norway and England
    And observe the following developing trends for the past 2 weeks
    Scotland cases growing but strong evidence this in main due to highly target cases
    But admission to Hospital and ICU far lower than expected with no.of new infections
    England new cases growing slightly faster than Scotland but tests far greater
    But Hospital and ICU admissions now growing very fast which strongly points to
    A test track system failing miserably
    Norway only testing daily at 50 % of Scottish rate
    But new cases only 50 % of ours and only 1 new death in 2 weeks
    But Norway has very strict controls at its border with Sweden who now getting into serious trouble And Swedes entering
    Must self isolate till passed 2 tests
    And we all know we have no border control with our neighbour
    Ah the broad shoulders of the Union doth
    Carry this virus and shares it

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    1. Indeed, and puts all at risk in Scotland. Interesting stats there, Norway has border control like you say, so can make it law that people coming in have to self isolate.
      Who’d of thought back in 2014, that it wasn’t the currency Scotland wouldn’t be able to use, or ‘aliens’ coming down and taking us all off to another planet, ( I wish!) if people voted no, it was about a life and death situation, about the actual border, between saving lives in Scotland, or having lives taken away by the BritNats, because they control Scotland’s border.
      The pandemic knows no borders, it’s up to governments where they have the powers, to control the spread, using border control where necessary. Scotland is scuppered in that respect, but the Scottish government is doing a great job nevertheless. Miracle really.

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      1. Indeed and the ABC & MSM
        Are doing their utmost to avoid such a obvious comparison to be made
        They have blood upon their hands
        And woe betide those that are asked to show their palms upon Indy


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