Macwhirter’s cod psychology is just a more genteel form of attack on the SNP leader

Taking the second point in the headline first, Macwhirter’s ‘some in the SNP‘ has no real evidence for it other than that from a tiny handful of disgruntled former leading members, with links to the Scottish media. There has been no poll asking Scots if they think the FM has lost the desire for independence.

As for what Nicola wants, here’s Macwhirter’s theory based on his reading of her personality based on her behaviour in the Covid crisis:

So, because in dealing with the most significant, life and death, leadership challenge of her life, where she is surrounded by expert health advisers and academics, she does the right thing, at that time and in that context, adopt the precautionary principle, to save lives, as all her advisers want her to, that’s her defining personality trait?

To quote my own psychology tutor in 1975: ‘Don’t be so fnn stupid!’

Do you really think a woman growing up in disadvantaged North Ayrshire yet achieving a First-class Honours degree and then rejecting the safe bet career-wise, at that time, of joining the Labour Party, is inherently and inflexibly cautious?

As for her rigid application of the precautionary principle in the context of physical health, hasn’t that meant unavoidably that she has had to risk cracked shells in mental health, education and the economy? That’s all we hear from some commentators and daily, from opposition politicians.

Context Iain, context.

18 thoughts on “Macwhirter’s cod psychology is just a more genteel form of attack on the SNP leader”

  1. History shall be the only Judge of That Fine Lady
    All actions have resultant effects
    And all Good actions have good effects
    Let the other side carry on with BAD actions now
    Little they know how bad for them the resultant effect of their actions

    In our full knowledge that such can but only lead to what they so desperately attempt to avoid i.e.our Independence
    They think Bad for Us and Union Good for
    History is never kind to losers as it is the Victor who writes it

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  2. Hear hear! Silly man. (Macwhirter, not you!)

    It’s her refusal to foam for political gain – unlike Carlaw – that’s gaining her growing support as a Leader of SCOTLAND, not just the SNP.

    Despite the raised level of support for the SNP, it needs citizens of all parties and none at all to vote next time. The very fact that she’s stoically refused to play the game and say “If we were independent we could…” also means that when the Government says “We’d like to do more, but that depends on what the Chancellor in Westminster decides we can have” it’s seen as a flat statement of fact, not a political gambit.

    It’s a very Napoleonic move – never interrupt your enemy when he’s making a mistake. It provokes those “Hang on a minute” moments that change people’s minds.

    I’m aware that I’m speaking as an outsider on this blog – not a Scot and not a member of the SNP – but I hope that means I can perhaps provide potentially useful insights. Brief description of my family’s attitudes to may help:

    Daughter: Millennial. Been here since she was a week old. Identifies totally as a Scot complete with accent. Adamantly anti-Brexit, pro-Independence all along but isn’t a member of the SNP. (Works in England at the mo, so couldn’t anyway). Working holiday in NZ at time of Indyref, so couldn’t vote YES even by post or proxy. But I used my vote on her behalf. I thought of myself as an English guest at the time, whereas she’s a Scot!

    Son: Child of the 70s. Moved here aged 16 and was roundly abused and bullied at school for being English, though it got better later in life. Adamantly anti-Brexit, but also anti-Independence, because of the staying in the EU argument. Voted NO.

    Me: Probably a Boomer, but by date of birth only. Adamantly anti-Brexit. Heart said YES, head said “But how could it be financed?” plus Spain would, at that time, have vetoed re-entry. On balance, head would have voted No, but heart would’ve been heavy.

    Daughter – obviously! – still resounding YES, still not a member of the SNP
    Me – Noticed, not sure exactly when but sometime between 2014 and 2016, that I’d stopped referring to “Scotland” and started saying “we”. Hence the username. Would definitely vote YES this time.
    Son: Most interesting case. Thinks Brexit’s a disaster and we should get as far away from it, and therefore the UK, as possible. As part of a long discussion I said “Would a federation of 4 autonomous states be a possibility? It’d perhaps be easier to get in the short term.” He said “No. We need to get right out.” So another definite YES. Also not a member of the SNP though.

    To win the vote and, crucially, retain the co-operation necessary to rebuild Scotland, I see a need to enlighten people like me and galvanise the support of those like my son. I think Nicola Sturgeon’s approach does that. And the more she simply does the right thing, regardless of politics, the more she’ll gain the cross-party support of the public. Not sure that Macwhirter has realised that. Whereas I think his views should be challenged, I’d not like to interrupt him while he’s making a mistake…

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    1. Full wind to your families sails
      You all most welcome here and indeed
      You are WE a family in its own right
      With regards Macwhirter & being unsure
      I doubt so as He is a mad driven foam at the mouth mad colonial dog barking at the dog whistle of his masters
      All so he can wag his tail (tale ) as he expects his reward in the form not of a Empire Biscuit but a Queens honours one
      You cannot teach old dogs new tricks
      Know thy Foe
      They are now forming in line upon the field of battle
      Let us all in his case hope that in fact he is a sheep to the slaughter in matters of career prospects ASDA awaits his services
      Think NOT of How Bad this Union is

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    2. iusedtobeenglish..
      I’m Scottish I’m snp member after reading you’re view it gives me hope for SCOTLAND to become a independent country..Scotland has been held back financially by the english/British government. Obviously for good reasons its so Scotland doesn’t get well ahead or do anything better than england its why they need to control our main fiscal levers for growing Scotland to make sure it’always behind the UK and England overall
      In a independent SCOTLAND with full fiscal levers who knows what we can do as we have never had that chance!! When that day comes and months after it I really do hope the people of England realise that us canny Scots were right all along about their government and that they see the crooks in tory run council allover their country have been taking money left right and centre from the public purse.

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      1. Think not what Nicola and Scotland can do for you

        What you can do for her and Scotland
        Wear a mask as a mark of pride and honour


      2. Thank you for taking it in the spirit it was meant, T. I agree that Westminster is trying hard to hold back Scotland, and why. Covid-19 has brought the differences into sharp relief. It’s not “Scotland whining”, it’s Scotland (and the other devolved nations) handling the same thing better. They’ve got to stop it before the English public twig that it isn’t just the virus. Hence the smears.

        I fear it’ll be an uphill climb convincing the English public of anything for several reasons – not wholly their fault. They don’t realise that there are differences and are very poorly placed to find out – beyond bagpipes and biscuit tins, of course!

        How can they?
        1 They’re not taught that there are cultural differences, so naturally assume there aren’t any. We’re all part of the UK so we must all be the same. Surely?
        2 This is reinforced by only being taught English history. Again, you simply don’t realise it’s being done. eg I nearly embarrassed myself in a law lecture when I first came up here. The lecturer said “And who was the Monarch in 1540?” “I was about to pipe up Elizabeth I” when someone else said “James V”. Even though I realised my mistake immediately, I wouldn’t have known who it was. We’re not taught anything about Scotland from post-Roman to Mary. Except Edward I, of course. (Who a Welsh History teacher described in a preface to his so-called genius over the Prince of Wales thing saying “And do you know what sneaky scheming, conniving b*st%&d did?!”)
        3 You don’t know that you don’t know things. Even when you do it’s quite difficult to find out, Who teaches Scottish History in England?

        It’s the same with cultural differences. And there’s not much point starting on difference in laws. It just hasn’t occurred to the English previously, but it is now.

        That’s why blogs like this are so important, and counteracting what’s going on in the media even more so.

        The latest post-Brexit plans which the Welsh Government says would “drive a coach and horses through the capacity of individual governments in different parts of the UK to deliver policy objectives in their economies” is worrying…


  3. I noticed that he resurrected his often used and deliberately misleading ‘she shelved the 2017 referendum’. It has been his go to theme in just about every column he wrote over a period of 18 months from March 2017 when she announced that there would be another indyref because of the material change that was Brexit. Ms Sturgeon set out a draft timetable in March 2017 based on the timetable for the completion of Article 50. This would have seen the indyref take place in the autumn of 2018 or spring of 2019. That Article 50 timetable slipped massively with a knock on effect on indyref2. As Ms Sturgeon later said about this slippage ‘how was she to know that the Tories would be so incompetent?’ But indyref2 was never shelved.

    He also mangled the currency issue.

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    1. Pretty much what I was going to say, other than that on 18th April Theresa May announced a GE. For 8th June, at the time I thought that was what put indy ref2 on the back burner.

      So The F. M. Wasn’t cautious there or showed a lack of appetite for the campaign.
      MacWhirter is clever enough to know all this he just twist events to get his paycheck, how admirable!

      David Pratt had an article in the National pointing out that in his experience campaigns for independence fail when there is division and unity is lost. MacWhirter is hoping to fuel that division.

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      1. I don’t think it was the GE per se that put the indyref2 apparently on the back burner but the drop in the SNP vote in the GE.

        That must have been a real disappointment for the FM. She had announced indyref2 and asked Scottish Parliament to support the call. Plus 3 Unionist parties were saying No to a second referendum as they had done in the local elections. Thus the GE gave those who supposedly wanted independence and vote for the SNP so in effect it gave the people a chance to say Yes to indyref2. Instead they fluffed it. Why? Apparently because the FM did not mention the word independence enough!!!

        In the process they handed the bragging rights to the Unionists who used the result to claim there was no appetite for indyref2.

        Credit to the leadership of the SNP they picked themselves up and continued laying the groundwork for indyref2 which included using Brexit to demonstrate clearly the true position of Scotland in the precious union.


  4. What on earth is Iain smoking these days? It’s clearly taking him on a trip but why do we need to hear all about it!

    I’d expect no less of a FM to act with caution and prudence when it comes to a deadly violence that can infectiously spread without discrimination.

    For the general population, a change in pace and priorities in life has given people space to think, and if polls and anecdotes are correct people are coming to support independence. [Can you swear on here?] Let’s not fuck it up.

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  5. Lovely. But the fact is that she dumped independence in favour of preventing the english getting what the english voted for. Even to the extent of cuddling up to your actual War Criminals.
    Have you forgotten her sermon on the 31/01/2020, when she told everyone to just accept being thrown out of the Eu and that there would never be another referendum?


    1. People have forgotten much, in favour of unthinking and uncritical populism.

      Clinton. Kissinger. Skripals. Broken promises.

      Imagine having all the power you want within devolution – why on earth would you want to make life difficult for yourself by creating all the hard work that will come with independence – and it will be a lot of hard work for the politicians. I can’t see why any sane politician would do it while they have no reason to. I don’t blame Nicola Sturgeon for riding high on her success – and she has been very successful – and trying to maintain the status quo.


      1. You are joking aren’t you?

        How comfortable do you think it is to come into work each day knowing everything you do will be misreported and misrepresented if it is reported at all?

        Then there is the workload:
        2015 Westminster GE
        2016 Holyrood GE then immediately after the EU Ref
        2017 March Announce there will be another indyref
        2017 April Theresa May calls Westminster GE right in middle of Campaign for Sco Local Council elections
        2017 May Local Council elections in Scotland
        2017 June Westminster GE.
        2018 No elections
        2019 European Elections
        2019 December Westminster GE
        And they had to win each and every election and all the time govern Scotland AND lay the groundwork for Indyref2.

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      2. It’s interesting that you list all the elections we’ve had since 2014 Legerwood, it shows quite starkly how much we have been pummelled with them – and consider how many of them have been wholly unnecessary – the EU ref and all the GEs since 2015 really. I have been suspicious for a while now that this is a deliberate ploy – whether that is to try and make us tired of voting so not enthusiastic for another indyref (remember the BBC promoting the concept of ‘voter fatigue’ – which never existed?) or trying to run the SNP coffers bare so they don’t really have the cash to run an independence campaign, or both, I don’t know. The Tories will never run out of money so can keep calling as many GEs as they like, but most other parties without dodgy big donors are struggling – I know that the Scottish Green’s struggled to put up candidates in the last GE.

        And I think the excess of unnecessary GEs really has been specifically to damp down Scotland trying to get independence – I mean, remember Theresa May’s campaign, it was woeful, and she already had the power, was known to have no personality or charisma: you’d have to need a really good reason to hold a GE under those circumstances.


      3. Ah but never forget that we have the sheer and mighty will power of a considerable feet on the ground as foot soldiers who play united and as a team
        And to quote The Late Great Jock Stein
        A opposition who play as a team are the most difficult of opponents to overcome
        No matter what

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