Taking the second point in the headline first, Macwhirter’s ‘some in the SNP‘ has no real evidence for it other than that from a tiny handful of disgruntled former leading members, with links to the Scottish media. There has been no poll asking Scots if they think the FM has lost the desire for independence.

As for what Nicola wants, here’s Macwhirter’s theory based on his reading of her personality based on her behaviour in the Covid crisis:

So, because in dealing with the most significant, life and death, leadership challenge of her life, where she is surrounded by expert health advisers and academics, she does the right thing, at that time and in that context, adopt the precautionary principle, to save lives, as all her advisers want her to, that’s her defining personality trait?

To quote my own psychology tutor in 1975: ‘Don’t be so fnn stupid!’

Do you really think a woman growing up in disadvantaged North Ayrshire yet achieving a First-class Honours degree and then rejecting the safe bet career-wise, at that time, of joining the Labour Party, is inherently and inflexibly cautious?

As for her rigid application of the precautionary principle in the context of physical health, hasn’t that meant unavoidably that she has had to risk cracked shells in mental health, education and the economy? That’s all we hear from some commentators and daily, from opposition politicians.

Context Iain, context.