Only BBC Scotland playing politics with pandemic measures in an election phase

BBC Reporting Scotland are headlining the same story today.

Good Morning Scotland’s radio broadcast will no doubt be on this too.

We’ll hear all day, utterly self-interested pub and restaurant owners moaning with not a reference to Scotland’s lower infection and death rates due to the measures taken here.

How do we know this is bias? Simple.

BBC UK, England, Wales and Northern Ireland are not headlining, not even reporting, stories such as these, which casts doubt on Government actions as it approaches an election.

Notice the UK Government friendly business report?

There are many other stories out there. This is a choice and the consistency of message across TV, radio and web, tells us that it is coordinated.

4 thoughts on “Only BBC Scotland playing politics with pandemic measures in an election phase

  1. The comparisons you show about BBC regional news websites really do show how we are being ‘handled’ up here in Scotland.
    Some BBC placemen must really hate this spotlight!!
    Keep it up, sir.

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    1. The BBC reply will be ‘devolution is about doing things differently, and independence is about ‘exceptionalism’ so we are right to focus on specifically Scottish issues.’ However, they always do it through a Brito-centric lens, which frames the vision in particular ways.

      For example, in England and Wales, people will now book vaccinations for themselves rather than receive an ‘offer’ by letter. Scotland will continue to use the letter system. When Dr Gregor Smith was interviewed on Monday, he was asked, after a mendacious preamble about the ‘stalling of the Scottish vaccination programme, ‘why is Scotland not adopting the same system as the rest of the UK’. The interviewer’s tone was of one of fake incredulity at how stupid Scotland could be.


      1. Alasdair
        Re The CMO. . . . On Tuesday John Beattie ran a piece on the CMO revealing on twitter he has a couple of tattoos. This was then discussed at length by two ladies with English accents. Obviously trying to embarrass him.
        This the day after the propaganda outlet had treated Scotland’s CMO to aggressive questioning and a lack of respect of respect. Particularly in relation to people receiving a 2nd vaccination when there are individuals in the 50 + age group who haven’t received their first . . . For whatever reason!

        Obvious message they are pumping out . . .If you work for the Scottish Government you are fair game.


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