National Disgrace

This is about media representation.

I have no idea whether the Scottish Welfare Fund is working as it should.

I do know it is part of £125 million in attempts by the Scottish Government to mitigate UK Government austerity cuts. You’d never know that from the National article based on a Ferret investigation, in turn based on what the charities say.

We’ve been here before. The National’s editor, perhaps influenced by the words of its founding editor, recently rejected by the good folk of the Ayr SNP as MSP candidate, has chosen to report a story already well covered by the anti-independence media, because:

True to his word, the National has regularly taken its corporate shoulder off the wheel of freedom or tried to nudge it into the gutter with reports disadvantageous to the SNP Government and joining the wider feeding frenzy. Here are 9 I’ve spotted:

Should the National have denied the BMA the chance to spread anxiety about NHS Scotland?

Scotsman, Herald and National (!) contradicted as evidence shows Scottish Ambulance Service in ‘excellent condition’

EIS survey on Scottish teacher stress is stupidly covered in National then disappears before leading academic can mark it its ‘methods.’

Both BBC Scotland and the ‘pro-Independence’ Sunday National use unpublished or unreliable evidence to accuse Scottish schools of ‘unlawful’ actions

As for the Ferret, it does, like the National, do a lot of good stuff but it’s funded by the Cooperative/Labour and often writes for the Scottish MSM. They’ll insist, no doubt, that they are impartial but they’re kidding themselves and their readers. Here are five examples:


While Scottish Labour conspicuously fails to deal with anti-Islamic comments made against the SNP Justice Minister by one of Anas Sarwar’s colleagues, he continues to pursue any possibility that he might use to attack the reputation of Scotland. His heartless exploitation of the mothers of dead children to attack the NHS in Glasgow and, by … Continue reading Anas Sarwar, the Ferret and his pet professor construct fake news on Islamophobia in Scotland based on self-selecting sample of at most 0.4%→

SCOTS CAN TRUST THE ENGLISH-BASED CANARY BEFORE LABOUR’S FERRET I can’t remember finding fault with anything written by the Canary, but Scotland’s own Ferret? Funded by Cooperative/Labour and often writing for the Scottish MSM, they’ll insist, no doubt, they are impartial but they’re kidding themselves and their readers. See: FFS The Ferret’s claim that Mike Russell’s claim is False is FALSE FFS! Labour and … Continue reading Scots can trust the English-based Canary before Labour’s Ferret→


Disclaimer: I’m not an economist, thank God, but I think I know what’s wrong with this stoatally wrong ‘Fact Check’ and can weaselly rebut it. Famous last words. Maybe I should ask Contrary before I post this. Ah, WTF, I’m going for it. The Ferret piece is here: I’ve read it and it seems … Continue reading FFS The Ferret’s claim that Mike Russell’s claim is False is FALSE FFS!→

Labour and BBC-friendly Ferret feeds new salmon crisis

I’m getting rid of the Ferret but keeping the Canary. It’s been biting the SNP for the Herald

Buyer beware.

4 thoughts on “National Disgrace

  1. The ‘National’ is a trojan horse, quite simple really…anti SNP but try to pay lipservice and fake support for indy Scotland, another con.
    Ditched them and the Ferret some time back…sick of the BritNats invading Scotland’s psyche…conning people, scamming the people. It’s been going on for so long, but not for much longer, get used to it BritNats.


  2. Leading to their own demise. Lie after lie. They think people cannot read the internet. Try and fool people without connection. People can still get the message. The reality of people’s lives. The SNP Gov improving people’s lives. That is the reality and the experience. That is appreciated, That is why people vote for them. Not be influenced by a bunch of liars. Out for what they can get.

    The unionist parties. Con people. Devolution has improved Scotland and people’s lives. Independence will be even better. Than the crooks in Westminster colossal interference. Leading to their own demise. Lie, after lie. Liars always get found out.

    Westminster Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. Cost Scotland even more,

    £100,000+ a year to mitigate welfare cuts. Student loans and lower fees, Support for education. Nursery funding. Baby hoaxes. Social care. Kinship payments. Carers allowance. Increase SNHS funding. Rehab should be under NHS. MUP. Building roads, bridges, railways. Affordable houses, schools and hospitals.

    Scotland raises £66Billion. Could raise even more. £3Billion lost in tax evasion. £1Billion too much spent on the military. Can’t borrow £5Billion to invest in the economy. Paying back £4Billion on loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland, paying £Billions on HS2, Hickley Point and Trident. London HQ and Gov jobs on the Mall. Bureaucracy. All a total waste of monies. Scotland paying twice. Surplus in fuel and energy but paying more. Despite being nearer the source.

    The illegal Barnett Formula formulated to take revenues and resources out of Scotland. To fund London S/E. Thatcher. Kept secret under the Official Secrets Act for thirty years. The McCrone Report.


  3. Muslim 1.5 of the Scottish population. % of abuse? Every person being abused? Statistically impossible. % wise fully represented. Over two members in the Parliament. There could be even more.

    Women are non represented and abused. 30% representation. It should be more. 50% of the population.

    Women who cohabit. The majority. Can claim 1/3, but not as a right in Law. They have to fight a claim through the Courts. Costing £thousands. Many do not have the money and lose out. Rental agency demand 6 months money upfront. Even from women with absolute excellent credit ratings and funds. Two tier system breaking the Law.

    They wonder how to help abused women. Change the Law. Consultations going on forever. Lying the pockets of the Lawyers. In their own interest not to change the Law. The Justice Secretary should have a go at that.

    Instead of fake trials of innocent people costing £Millions. A total waste of time and monies. The UK agents based in Scotland. Worthless and useless.


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