Scots can trust the English-based Canary before Labour's Ferret

I can’t remember finding fault with anything written by the Canary, but Scotland’s own Ferret? Funded by Cooperative/Labour and often writing for the Scottish MSM, they’ll insist, no doubt, they are impartial but they’re kidding themselves and their readers. See:

FFS The Ferret’s claim that Mike Russell’s claim is False is FALSE FFS!

Labour and BBC-friendly Ferret feeds new salmon crisis

I’m getting rid of the Ferret but keeping the Canary. It’s been biting the SNP for the Herald

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4 thoughts on “Scots can trust the English-based Canary before Labour's Ferret

  1. I haven’t looked at the Canary for a while, but they generally have pretty good articles.

    As for the Ferret, well, too many dodgy ‘facts’ have come from their reports that I always take them with a pinch of salt, which makes the whole ‘fact checking service’ a pointless exercise, if you can’t trust one thing, you have to question them all. When the BBC tried their own ‘fact checking’,,, actually, there are loads of them,,, well. Nah, I ignore anything that says they’ve checked facts.

    If they said they’d done a nuanced wide ranging analysis of reports, I might read it.

    I think it was Alasdair that touched on the subject of FACTS in the PISA scores recent article,,, facts? Facts change over time, the sun no longer orbits the Earth after all.

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  2. I’ve known that the ferret was unreliable for several years since they trumpeted the nonsense that Scotland’s oil was just about run out and that was in the lead up to indyref 2014

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