Scottish National Investment Bank criticism is a 'bit of a ramble'

From stewartb

The Yahoo article above is amplifying something written in The, an online magazine which has a tag line ‘academic rigour, journalistic flair”. Based on its headline: “Scottish National Investment Bank looks hardwired for failure – here’s why” – and now having skip-read the full paper on which the the article is based – I would suggest that ‘journalistic flair’ has won out!


The source paper is IMHO a bit of a ramble. It is a working document rather than a peer reviewed paper: it would benefit greatly from such a review.

Not to make too much of this given its O/T here but for interest, here are a few extracts from the source paper:

“It would be both premature and invidious to be too definitive about the suitability of bank’s precise modus operandi prior to its establishment.” – but the paper devotes much space to doing precisely this!

“Whilst a more diffusion-oriented approach for SNIB seems like a sensible way forward, we do however take the strong view that while making these kind of theoretical distinctions it is important to recognise that sophisticated modern knowledge-based economies cannot be simply shoehorned into one (or the other) simple all-encompassing model. In other words, the policy choices facing economies are not a simply a crude “either or” choice in terms two binary innovation approaches delineated.“ – whilst the whole purpose of the paper is to argue for one of only two approaches!

“The – admittedly subjective – central contention put forward in the paper is that a mission- oriented policy approach constitutes “fuzzy” policy making which is likely to obfuscate rather than enlighten the policy implementation process.” – yes indeed a subjective view! But then later the author relies on: “.. this (his paper’s) detailed examination,..”

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2 thoughts on “Scottish National Investment Bank criticism is a 'bit of a ramble'

  1. Stewartb, that article looks awful, maybe even unreadable – I’m impressed you did so! But at least we know when the union media use it to slate the investment bank (a good idea, and not set to fail, any more than any other bank), we will know it’s based on a turgid collection of meaningless waffle.

    Hmm. I like this idea of anticipating the bad for Scotland news – you know, have people armed with the counter argument before the breaking news comes to our ears & eyes. Not easy to do though, unless it’s a bridge closure.

    I am trying to think of ways of getting away from us having to follow the Westminster narrative, that is, have more control over the subjects so it is up to them to find counter argument – it’s near impossible when it’s a nearly wholly British nationalist media though, and it’s them that make the choices. High profile people making statements are good, but the media barely mention even things like the unions joining in support for independence. The Forward as One legal action did make some in roads into putting them on the back foot.

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