The limited commitment of the National

Nobody’s asking the National to lie about suspected care home deaths from coronavirus but given that they have become the current propaganda tool of the Unionist media in sharp contrast to most UK/English media which are concealing the many care home deaths there from their audiences, in the interests of ‘national’ unity, around the plucky PM, might they just report something else?

There are a million stories out there and that was just one of them. If concerned about the public’s right to know, they must have known their pals in the Herald, just across the room, were onto it.

They probably think they’re just being so ‘professional’, unlike us nasty cybernats, giving a platform to those unconvincing converts, Fry, McKenna and Macwhirter and joining in enthusiastically with the Salmond-baiting.

Today’s story is, however, only the latest in signs of their own unconvincing performance. See these:

The National and a Dundee prof’s dodgy statistics feed the Unionist press, Boris rants and that AngusTory MP on QT last night:

Should the National have denied the BMA the chance to spread anxiety about NHS Scotland?

Scotsman, Herald and National (!) contradicted as evidence shows Scottish Ambulance Service in ‘excellent condition’

EIS survey on Scottish teacher stress is stupidly covered in National then disappears before leading academic can mark it its ‘methods.’

Both BBC Scotland and the ‘pro-Independence’ Sunday National use unpublished or unreliable evidence to accuse Scottish schools of ‘unlawful’ actions

6 thoughts on “The limited commitment of the National

  1. Remember the National has a different Editor on Sundays.

    Someone who would be quite happy, apparently, to let the title die .

    Maybe that is how they wish it to happen.

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  2. Sorry have never liked or trusted the ‘National’ and have only ever bought two editions for the simple reason the owners I feel created this out of commercial expediency only knowing the country was equally divided on Independence in an attempt to capture both audiences. Not sure either if buying or supporting the National is simply keeping the vile Herald afloat.

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  3. Never trusted the National , too many of their stories show their true colours, SNP baad stories still reported , look at the Express ( I do this in the line of duty ) , they never ever criticise the Tories for anything ,they even lie for them , not so the National with the SNP , they join in with SNP baad ! .


  4. Simple fact, we have only ONE independence supporting newspaper.
    And without the National it is open season for the rest of the MSM, I don’t agree with all of their content but I don’t agree with all the content in pro-independence blogs either.

    In my own opinion we need the National and every other pro-independence outlet there is, we may have an advantage in “net” coverage but we are badly outnumbered in traditional media and cannot afford to loose the one paper we have in that area.

    Disagree with yes, get rid of NO.

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  5. I think you are falling into a flaw of which you often accuse the media of generalising from a particular.

    I have read today’s edition, including the article to which you refer.

    We ought to be concerned about care homes, both those who live in them and those who serve them. Undoubtedly, there is an attempt by most of the Scottish media to use what is happening to attack the Scottish Government in an oblique way. However, the crisis has highlighted issue which as a society we ought to be addressing. Some of the terminology uses journalese, which strips reports of nuance and the terms are often loaded. But, I thought the reporter tried to be balanced.

    Looking at the edition as a whole, there is far more in it which is laudable. There are several pages about what local communities and groups across Scotland are doing. Mr Gerry Hassan has written a hard-hitting article about the UK ‘constitution’. There are several reports about strong actions taken by SNP MPs. There are pieces by The Ferret looking at the environment and concerns about Moss Morran. The supplement has, as usual some good stuff. On the whole this edition is pretty strongly in favour of independence.

    With regard to Messrs Fry, McKenna and McWhirter: I am pretty certain that the first two are unequivocally in favour of independence. I do not agree with Mr Fry’s political and economic stance, but, he writes well and clearly, and with some with. Mr McKenna is an experienced journalist, who writes for a number of titles and so there are elements of hackery. I am not a religious person, but he is and he writes consistently in support of aspects of RC theology, although he has been critical of the conduct of some of the clergy. He is clearly a lapsed Labour voter and still has strong socialist/workerist views and will criticise SNP economic policy from that position. But, in all of the titles for which he writes I have never seen him eschew independence. I do not know what to make of Mr Mc Whirter. There seems to be something pro-Scottish governance in there, but he is very changeable in his stance. I remember more than 20 years ago reading on successive days why ‘The West Lothian Question’ was an insoluble problem for Scotland and, the following day, writing that it did not matter at all!


    1. I have an agenda which means I often fall into things.

      My point is that, more than once (see the list), the National has run with the hounds when it should be, always, attempting to balance the extreme imbalances in the other coverage.

      If it is really committed to the cause, it should never publish anything critical about anything where that might be used to undermine that cause.

      Plenty other outlets are, often for highly partisan purposes, revealing the care homes concerns. The National does not need to.


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