From BBC UK today:

Some key medicines used in intensive care are “in relatively short supply”, the BBC has learned. Supply of anaesthetic medicines in some areas is “a bit stretched”, according to the Royal College of Anaesthetists. One consultant has told the BBC that supplies are “running low” and alternatives are already being used in intensive care in the Midlands. The government [sic] says it is “aware there is an increase in demand for a number of intensive care drugs”.

The report mentions London and the Midlands. ‘The’ Government seems to be aware, ‘the’ Health Secretary Matt Hancock is ‘confident’ and NHS England, of course, has been approached for a response, but there’s nothing from BBC Scotland about this.

I feel sure the Glasgow consultant anaesthetist must know more about this than BBC Scotland seem able to tell us. Surely the level in the QEUH must be positively Spanish by now? This time, it’s her area of competence. Come on! Surely John Beattie can get a quick quote from her or could Anas Sarwar not get a cousin of his to collate a letter with signatures? It doesn’t really matter whose signatures they are. BBC Scotland won’t share them.

The Scottish public has a right to know!