After reading this I feel so anxious. I didn’t realise things were so bad in Scotland. I’d been reading that Talking-up Scotland site which has lots of relatively positive evidence about NHS Scotland and chilling reports on NHS England that make you glad you’re ‘up here.

But, no, it’s far far worse than we thought. McCardle, doesn’t have time to mention the higher death rate or the real shortages of PPE or the lower staffing or the outsourced 111 service staffed by ex-cons in England.

When she’s enjoying telling us how the First Minister has been forced to acknowledge the higher death toll in the new NRS statistics, she doesn’t have time to tell us, like the Guardian did yesterday, that only Scotland is counting deaths outside hospitals in, for example care homes, and that the death rate in England which is currently twice that in Scotland, will soar to many times that, if the Tories ever allow such facts to emerge there.

McCardle has clearly had to work so fast to meet her editor’s deadline, she hasn’t even been able to write down the names of her sources so she’s had to refer to them like this:

‘We are certainly seeing cases anecdotally around Scotland…’

‘One public health expert familiar with the issues, who asked not to be named...’

‘A spokeswoman for the..’

‘There is also disquiet among some public health professionals….’

‘One Scotland-based expert…’

‘Speaking on condition of anonymity, they added…’

My research assistant (16) suggests that relying on unattributed sources is just not good enough but I don’t think he really understands the pressures of journalism.