‘Some teachers’

Pressure is growing on Scotland’s school system, due to the rising number of pupils and teachers away from class, because of Covid-19. In the past week more than 23 000 pupils and 2 000 school staff were isolating either because they’d tested positive for the virus or had been identified as a contact. Some teachers have told the BBC they don’t feel safe at work.

Some‘ is not defined. If it was a big number, would they say ‘some?’ An English teacher union survey on the 5th November insisted that nearly half were worried:


Also, in England on 6th November, the ONS found that teachers are no more likely to contract Covid-19 than other key workers:


We then hear from the Scottish Government that attendance levels are above 90% most days.

There are more than 700 000 pupils and more than 52 000 teachers plus uncounted support staff in Scottish schools.


This is a co-ordinated scare story, prompted by a teacher union’s leader in collusion with pals in Scottish Labour to do his part in the campaign to find anything bad about the SNP Government’s performance, regardless of the costs, in anxiety levels or attendance.

For a bit of context, in the last week of October, attendance in English schools was 82%


9 thoughts on “‘Some teachers’

  1. So what do they want, schools to close, or maybe Nicola Sturgoen to go in and personally deep clean every school at night! The BritNats were insistent that schools should be reopened not so long ago, so what do they suggest happens now?
    Also of course, the BritNat beeb are bastions of balance and facts, so best go there to ‘tell’ them
    something to demonise the ScotGov and scare the population. It’s hard to feel safe when you have the propaganda arm of the EngGov attempting to scare people for political gain. We know that their agenda is political, and has nothing to do with saving lives.

    BBC? I’m Scottish!

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      1. Biden’s reply on camera was just brilliant, brought the EngBC down a peg or two! Alas, I am only an adopted Scot so I can’t claim to be really ‘Scottish’, but it’s a great way to level the score with the British state propaganda tools’ war on Scotland. Be great to hear Nicola Sturgeon say it at daily briefing, lol!


      1. I see that today on the site, there is a report based on what ONE UNNAMED TEACHER has to say, including things ‘she has heard’. This is supported by the testimony of ONE parent, who allowed herself to be named and who is actually making a reasonable point, but, by juxtaposing it with the “TEACHER” is is suggested that the parent is endorsing the “TEACHER’S” baloney.

        And this is ‘journalism’????


  2. The chief inspector of Ofsted, Amanda Spielman, told a National Children and Adults Services Conference that number was up by a fifth on the same period last year, with local authorities reporting more than 300 injuries and deaths involving children between April and October this year. Ofsted is notified of such incidents as a matter of course in England.

    Of that number, around 120 were children under the age of one; 64 of those had suffered “non-accidental” injuries. “And sadly, eight died as a result,” Ms Spielman said. “It doesn’t bear thinking about.”

    No sign of this being reported by BBC

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  3. The BBC Radio Station based in Scotland has opened ip another attack front. . . . Kaye’s morning Moan-in is whipping up a “We need to smack oor Kids ” campaign.

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    1. It’s all become so predictable from BBC Scotland and its daily ‘moan-in’.

      I came across this article in that more ‘socially progressive’ (!) news source, The Sun online. It dates from 5 May, 2019.

      Under the headline ‘Countries that have banned smacking children have 70% less youth violence, global study claims’, we learn of research conducted at McGill University, Canada and published in the journal BMJ Open.

      Researchers looked at 88 countries to find out if there was a link between violence and the use of physical force by parents. The researchers discovered that “countries with a total ban on smacking in the home and school saw violence among under 18s fall by as much as 69 per cent compared with countries without legislation.

      “On average rates of fighting among boys fell by two-thirds while in girls if dropped by more than 40 per cent. In countries with a partial ban, such as Britain where smacking is only banned in schools, physical violence among girls fell by 56 per cent – but it had no impact on males.”

      According to an article in The Conversation dated 2 April, 2019, Sweden banned smacking in 1979, over ten years before the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted in 1990. It is now banned in 58 countries: the number has been rising steadily over time from 11 in 2000 to 34 in 2012. The places with a ban in place include Germany, Spain, Ireland, The Netherlands, Israel, Brazil and, very recently, France, as well as all the Scandinavian countries.


      1. The Yoons won’t want “violence amongst under 18’s” to reduce, they’ll be needing their cannon fodder before too long.


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