Scottish Labour struggles with sums again

In Labourlist on 7th November, an excitable writer translates 1.2 billion as ‘billions.’

This is not new:

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On Thursday 23rd January 2020, in Holyrood, James Kelly (Glasgow) (Scottish Labour) asked the Scottish Government what its response is to recently reported alcohol-related brain damage statistics, which suggest that the number of people with this condition is at a 10-year high.

The answer:

Last year, ‎2018-19 shows a drop in the number of patients with ARBD, a decline of 3% from the previous year

The actual data:

2017/18                810

2018/19                785

10 thoughts on “Scottish Labour struggles with sums again

  1. 100,000 jobs via investment by the Scottish government. That’s quite a few jobs that would otherwise not exist for people in Scotland, and Labour are complaining about that. Seems a better use of money than sending £billions back to Westminster as the Labour party did and a welcome improvement on Labours’ legacy of PFI scams plunging Scotland into £billions of debt for decades.
    With a fairly small population, 100,000 jobs can’t be scoffed at, not after the terrible BritNat governments’ legacy of massive unemployment via destruction of industry and total lack of investment in job creation etc. That was an utter disgrace.
    At least the current ScotGov are even trying to invest in jobs and new industries, apprenticeships etc. If the London HQ’d Labour party were at the helm right now in Scotland it does not bear thinking about. Scotland is not going back to those days of mass poverty, being deliberate party policy as it was with Labour. No thanks!

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  2. Can’t count. Can’t read a balance sheet. Statistics not a possibility. How dumb? Labour tanking into oblivion.

    £4Billion+++ in non scrutinised UK Gov Covid contracts. Illegally awarded. £Billions misappropriated. To Tory cronies and associates companies. UK Gov being sued by concerned citizens. Investment banker fraud. Venture capitalist invested in immune vaccine companies. Now in charge of Gov contracts. Non scrutinised.Illegal misuse of public funding. .

    Scotland paying £4Billion on loan repayments not borrowed or spent in Scotland. £1Billion more on the Military. £Billions on HS2, Hickley Point Trident etc. London HQ, Gov jobs on the Mall. Loses £3Billion on tax evasion. Can’t borrow. Illegal Barnett Formula taking revenues and resources from Scotland. Brexit another disaster. Losing EU grants and investment. £Billions loss. Surplus in fuel and energy but pays more. Despite being nearer the source.

    Illegal wars, financial fraud, tax evasion. 15 years of Labour.

    Down to 10%. No wonder.


  3. MUP. Took five years. Labour the only party not to support it. Alcohol consumption and misuse down. Still needs proper rehabs. NHS funding and Dr’s referrals. Crime rates down. Social care keeps people in their own homes. Out of residential homes and hospital. Saves lives and funding.


  4. James Kelly is one of the few ScotLabour muppets NOT to have been Leader. While we all know why (he is the equivalent of Annie Wells, and operates on candle power, rather than wattage), I think he should get his turn.
    We all deserve a good laugh, in these covid times.


  5. These labour and union numpties need to do some research into job creation costs. The world bank calculates $25 000 to $35 000 per job. That’s an average. In developed economies like Scotland’s cost is at the higher end. Mohamed Marouani, of the Sorbonne in Paris calculates
    $30 000 to $50 000. £12 000 per job demonstrates outstanding efficiency on the part of the Scottish government agency responsible.


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