While Scottish Labour conspicuously fails to deal with anti-Islamic comments made against the SNP Justice Minister by one of Anas Sarwar’s colleagues, he continues to pursue any possibility that he might use to attack the reputation of Scotland. His heartless exploitation of the mothers of dead children to attack the NHS in Glasgow and, by association, the Health Secretary, are not forgotten. The use of his brother-in-law to attempt to fake a PPE crisis is also memorable.

Now, he seems to have used the resources of Holyrood to fund small-scale ‘research’ into Islamophobia in Scotland and to describe it as a ‘first ever public inquiry’ into the matter.

The report has then been hosted by the Ferret fact-checker to publicise the findings. The Labour-funded Ferret has long been shown to be untrustworthy if an opportunity to attack the SNP Government emerges:


The Research by Professor Peter Hopkins of Newcastle University has two fatal flaws:

First, the sample of 344 Muslims, self-selecting themselves to respond to an online survey, from a total population in Scotland of 76 737, 0.4%, is utterly useless. Indeed, given the method used, we cannot be sure the response rate was even that high. The same person could have responded several times. Respondents may only be reporting events affecting people they know. A professor must know this. A school-pupil would know it, so the decision to omit this fact is political.

Second, the report offers no background in the form of official statistics such as:

There were 529 religiously aggravated charges reported in 2018-19, a fall of 18% compared to 2017-18 and the lowest number since 2004-05.


This is highly unusual and clearly political.