Scotsman writer thinks there will be UK-wide ‘un-lockdown’ measures

Headlining in the ‘Scotsman’, a report either ignorant or contemptuous of the devolution settlement:

Boris Johnson has suggested that the UK-wide lockdown measures will be relaxed on Monday, as he attended his first prime minister’s questions since being diagnosed with coronavirus in late March. Mr Johnson said he would reveal plans for an “unlockdown” in a televised statement on Sunday, following a review of the current measures on Thursday.

Have I missed something? Has devolution been revoked? ‘UK-wide lockdown measures’ discussed in a supposedly Scottish newspaper with no mention of Scotland or, for that matter, the First minister, who has already made it clear BJ does not speak for Scotland on this.

Who wrote this? Conor Malborough? Who is he? Here he is:

Is he a priest? Just doing a Prince Harry at a party? Does he know where the Scotsman offices are?

Ah, in the UK? Would you need more of an address for mail? No?

I see he went to Stoneyhurst College. A bit like Stonyburn Primary School?

But he’s not a Tory. Just a Unionist?

A Starmerite?

I’m starting to question my sanity now. Is this guy real?

7 thoughts on “Scotsman writer thinks there will be UK-wide ‘un-lockdown’ measures

  1. Mr Johnson has not consulted the leaders of the devolved Gov/assemblies. Apparently the new arrangements will be announced by him on Sunday and then a statement in the Commons on Monday.

    At some point over this coming weekend there will be a COBRA meeting and the leaders of the devolved govs/assemblies will be told then. Note: told.

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  2. This will have to be resolved.

    And this:

    “Average daily incidence in the RoI is now 18% of its peak covid value. By contrast – even though its peak covid day was three days earlier – the UK is at 87% of its peak covid figure. NI is in between, at 55%.

    These three differing stories may well bring significant strain on Northern politics. If daily incidence in the South continues to drop at the same rate, it is likely that it will be ready for a significant unwinding of its lockdown before the North. This scenario creates a dilemma for Dublin, but also for Sinn Féin: do they agree to keep the border open and risk a possible upsurge in COVID-19 cases in RoI? How will that play out among SF’s new voters, many of whom have minimal interest in the North? Or will nationalist ideology win out over jurisdictional public health prudence?….

    ….The second graph shows that the UK and US are both spending a significantly longer time near their peak, compared to China, South Korea, Italy and both parts of Ireland. Just a thought, but might it be possible that Brexitian and Trumpian populist distrust of experts has bred a hubristic myopia that left such governments incapable of decisive early intervention based on expert advice?”

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  3. I noticed at least twice on BBC News, they spoke to reporters in the devolved “regions” to compare what was happening in anticipation of relaxation from BoJon on Sunday. Sarah Smith repeatedly stated the “rate of infection is higher in Scotland “. I didn’t believe it but everyone listening in England will assume that is correct, rather than the other way around, as no doubt you can confirm, John.


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