Headlining in the ‘Scotsman’, a report either ignorant or contemptuous of the devolution settlement:

Boris Johnson has suggested that the UK-wide lockdown measures will be relaxed on Monday, as he attended his first prime minister’s questions since being diagnosed with coronavirus in late March. Mr Johnson said he would reveal plans for an “unlockdown” in a televised statement on Sunday, following a review of the current measures on Thursday.

Have I missed something? Has devolution been revoked? ‘UK-wide lockdown measures’ discussed in a supposedly Scottish newspaper with no mention of Scotland or, for that matter, the First minister, who has already made it clear BJ does not speak for Scotland on this.

Who wrote this? Conor Malborough? Who is he? Here he is:

Is he a priest? Just doing a Prince Harry at a party? Does he know where the Scotsman offices are?

Ah, in the UK? Would you need more of an address for mail? No?

I see he went to Stoneyhurst College. A bit like Stonyburn Primary School?

But he’s not a Tory. Just a Unionist?

A Starmerite?

I’m starting to question my sanity now. Is this guy real?