In the National today:

SNP MPs have written to Nicola Sturgeon and their party’s ruling body, calling for them to reverse a controversial decision to stop sitting MPs from standing for the Scottish Parliament. More than a quarter of the Westminster group, including both long-serving politicians and those elected for the first time last year, have signed a letter urging the National Executive Committee (NEC) to overturn the policy made last month.The National has been told that other elected politicians are considering adding their names as the revolt over the rule change grows.

‘Stage revolt?’ OMG, have some resigned? Have some charged up to Holyrood and demanded a meeting right now? Have some launched a new party? Have they had a sit-in like they did at Uni? Has Pete Wishart gone to sit with the Tories? Did Angus grab the Mace? Has Angus started speaking German in protest?

Only 25% of them bothering to write a wee letter to the FM is no revolt in my books.

The National writer has warked the story.

For nine earlier reasons to stage a revolt against the National, see:

Footnote: To ‘wark’ the news. To manipulate the evidence so that it suits your agenda AND so that you seem to be the person with the greatest foresight and insight into it.