The National: Warking the news to undermine the SNP

In the National today:

SNP MPs have written to Nicola Sturgeon and their party’s ruling body, calling for them to reverse a controversial decision to stop sitting MPs from standing for the Scottish Parliament. More than a quarter of the Westminster group, including both long-serving politicians and those elected for the first time last year, have signed a letter urging the National Executive Committee (NEC) to overturn the policy made last month.The National has been told that other elected politicians are considering adding their names as the revolt over the rule change grows.

‘Stage revolt?’ OMG, have some resigned? Have some charged up to Holyrood and demanded a meeting right now? Have some launched a new party? Have they had a sit-in like they did at Uni? Has Pete Wishart gone to sit with the Tories? Did Angus grab the Mace? Has Angus started speaking German in protest?

Only 25% of them bothering to write a wee letter to the FM is no revolt in my books.

The National writer has warked the story.

For nine earlier reasons to stage a revolt against the National, see:

Footnote: To ‘wark’ the news. To manipulate the evidence so that it suits your agenda AND so that you seem to be the person with the greatest foresight and insight into it.

18 thoughts on “The National: Warking the news to undermine the SNP

  1. “Wark” the news.

    News manipulation, by omission and commission.
    Lacking context or perspective.
    Presented in a misleading fashion by partisan authors.
    Rewriting history by the “victors”.
    Planting a Union Flag on every statement, event or outcome.

    Come to think on it—the BBC is leading the way on all of the above, plus some I have not included.

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  2. Also The National seems to back Murdo Fraser et al on inadmissible ‘questions’ e.g.

    During Tuesday’s session of the committee, Fraser said it had been “stated publicly that female civil servants were advised not to be alone in the company of the former First Minister”.

    This was thrown out at the trial and deemed inadmissible by the chair yet they join ABC in giving it promenance.

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  3. Loathe though I am to disagree with you Professor; I feel it should be remembered – the National is pro-Independence, it is not pro-SNP. I would suggest there is a subtle difference.

    The SNP may well be the primary driving force for Independence, but, their way is not the only way, and certainly, as things stand – the party is not actively pushing for Independence, which is its reason for existing.

    For that reason alone, it deserves a kick in the goolies.


    1. The SNP is the only route to independence in the next few years.
      The setback caused by changing to another party might never be overcome. Whilst giving the Union time to regroup and infiltrate.

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    2. The ‘National’ does Scottish independence no favours by being anti SNP though. They even show untRuth Davidson in a good light on their front pages at times, and they seem to quite like red Tories as well.
      Ditched that rag months ago.


  4. ‘To Wark’.
    Could also be to deliberately try to through Indy movement into turmoil by creating troll documentary.
    OK i am sure it was made because they were so sure that Alex would be in prison for the rest of his life but then he wins. Do they throw it away. It is too biased to be made balanced so they think, OK maybe we can get away with it anyway as the BBC and legal system is on our side.
    But even then they must have thought, what if it is really unpopular?
    I don’t think it is too outlandish to think that knowing all this they thought, yes but if it creates chaos who will that benefit?
    Just a thought.


    1. But not a through away observation either 🙄
      There is much more to this than two female propagandists with a grudge being given a platform by the Beeb to retry Salmond…
      Has the Crown got themselves off the hook over prosecuting Murray and Hirst and left the Scottish Mafia to float ?


  5. Thing is the ‘National’ is not an independent rag is it, it is part of the same company that produces the (Sunday or whatever day) Herald is it not? The Herald is 100% anti SNP, and truth be told, anti independence, tells us all we need to know.

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  6. The presentation/treatment may be worthy of some criticism but if there is anything near that quantum of dissatisfaction within the parliamentary party then it is a story worthy of attention.

    Decision by NEC re. Cherry and consequently for other MPs is one that has caused some consternation especially as it affects only one category of elected members.


    1. Cherry also thinks that Salmond should be able to rejoin the party. That, of course, would not be a reason for the action taken by the NEC concerning SNP MPs. Or would it?


    2. WHO are the NEC? I have no idea…in which case, tread with caution is my default, always, to say the very least. I want to know who they are, what their expertise/experience is, and what their backgrounds are, and how, as a member of the SNP, I can vote for them, or not…


  7. My reply from BBC. It is a bog roll standard.

    Dear Mx Prasad 

    Thank you for contacting us about the Trial of Alex Salmond and we are sorry to hear of your concerns. However we don’t agree that this programme was biased or unfair.

    Alex Salmond has been a senior political figure for many years and his trial and subsequent acquittal was a major news story, which received extensive coverage at the time. The outcome was fairly reflected in the programme and would have been known to everyone watching. Within that context, the film aimed to examine what impact the trial had had in terms of the ‘me too’ movement and Scottish politics. A range of different views were heard, including authoritative contributors who made points in support of Alex Salmond, such as Jim Sillars and Kenny MacAskill. Mr Salmond himself was invited to take part but declined to do so, as the film made clear. The BBC’s Editorial Guidelines require us to be duly impartial and accurate in our reporting and we believe this was the case here.

    We appreciate not everyone agrees with the decisions we take but we welcome feedback and have passed your comments to senior editors of the programme.

    Kind regards,

    BBC Complaints Team

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