In a Twitter survey of 4 800 followers of retired @ProfJWR, SNP member and activist, 2 487 responded.

Of those responding 91.6% were opposed to the idea currently being championed by George Galloway and discussed by Kenny Farquharson, that Scots living in England should be able to vote in a second independence referendum.

The results, though of course limited by the self-selecting sample, seem to suggest reasonably convincingly, that in a large group of presumably independence supporters, there is very little support for Galloway’s proposal.

The results suggest a healthy preference for a civic and democratic rather than an ethnic form of nationalism in Scotland.

If you live in Scotland and want to play a part in life here, helping to make it a better place, then you get to share in making the decisions.

I don’t often quote Labour leaders but: ‘I like that.’