92% say Scots living in England should NOT vote in Indyref2

In a Twitter survey of 4 800 followers of retired @ProfJWR, SNP member and activist, 2 487 responded.

Of those responding 91.6% were opposed to the idea currently being championed by George Galloway and discussed by Kenny Farquharson, that Scots living in England should be able to vote in a second independence referendum.

The results, though of course limited by the self-selecting sample, seem to suggest reasonably convincingly, that in a large group of presumably independence supporters, there is very little support for Galloway’s proposal.

The results suggest a healthy preference for a civic and democratic rather than an ethnic form of nationalism in Scotland.

If you live in Scotland and want to play a part in life here, helping to make it a better place, then you get to share in making the decisions.

I don’t often quote Labour leaders but: ‘I like that.’

5 thoughts on “92% say Scots living in England should NOT vote in Indyref2

  1. I don’t do twiter, but, if I did and followed the Prof, I too would have voted No to allowing Anglo-Scots to vote.

    The Unionists know they are losing this argument and, before and after HOlyrood 2021, they will try every dirty trick they can to muddy the waters and prevent Scotland leaving.

    If they think giving Anglo-Scots like some of my class-mates, who went south from school and have spent 55 years in England, as against 18 in Scotland, will vote to continue the UK, they will try to use that.

    I am in regular contact with a group of these old school-mates, and they haven’t a clue about 2020 Scotland or the SNP – but believe what they read in the Daily Mail or Telegraph is gospel.

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  2. One of our ‘ key ‘ objectives in achieving a fair and balanced referendum should be limiting interference from south of the Scottish frontier. Not only from westminster and the UK gov apparatus, but also the media, it will be bad enough in Scotland. Including non domiciled Scots in the referendum gives the media and the UK Government ample excuse to interfere and influence a major block of would be voters without breaching UN regulations.


  3. The British Nationalist straw man is the Scottish independence is ‘blood and soil’, exceptionalism. However, for several decades it has always been ‘civic nationalism’. That is, it is about those who choose to live in Scotland, irrespective of their place of birth, running things in Scotland.

    While most of those of Scottish birth who live elsewhere in the world have varying degrees of emotional attachment to Scotland and might plan to return to Scotland at some time, they are not living here. So, by the civic nationalism criterion they do not qualify to vote here. Some might have retained a home here and exercise a right to register as voters here, according to the qualifying criteria. However, to give everyone resident elsewhere in the UK who claims to be ‘Scottish’ the right to vote in a referendum is a ruse to gerrymander the referendum. It also arrogantly assumes that these expatriate Scots are hostile to independence.


  4. Natural justice dictates that only those who will have to live directly with the consequences of the Referendum, whether positive or negative, should have the right to vote in it. All others, whatever their connection to Scotland, are spectators. End of! It follows that owners of second homes should only be eligible to vote if they can prove that they spend the majority of every year living in Scotland, so second home owners who use their Scottish property as a cash cow are no more eligible than their customers who rent it for a week or two.


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