Don’t let them scare you

The Herald above delighting in some bigger numbers for their headlines and an opportunity to use a picture of the FM to make sure you know who they’d like you to associate with the outbreak.

BBC Scotland below with links to 7 out of 10 stories being about the virus:

But BBC England is more relaxed about it with none out of 10 about the virus.

At a glance, you’d think Scotland must have more to be concerned about but:

England has 10 times the population but today had more than 13 times the infection level, even at a time when we have the unusually large Aberdeen and Angus clusters.

Scotland has 3 times the population of Northern Ireland but today had only 1.5 times the number of cases.

Take care but stay calm.

2 thoughts on “Don’t let them scare you

  1. New people testing positive in Scotland = 1%.
    Still can’t find equivalent percentage for UK or England.
    ~8000 new people tested in Scotland.

    England tests ~ 140000 but the report contains this caveat:
    ‘This is a count of test results and may include multiple tests for an individual person. ‘


    This means we can’t calculate the percent new people testing positive in England.

    Proportionally there are indeed more new cases in England but they seem to have done more tests – not necessary on new people

    contains this paragraph

    ‘Why the figure for number of tests processed and the figure for number of people tested is not the same’

    Thus an unspecified number of repeat negative tests for care workers etc is included in the testing total.

    England cannot and will not apparently calculate the WHO approved statistic of % new people testing positive

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  2. Alex wrote “England… seems to have done more tests – not necessary on new people.” Can we even be sure they’re not still counting the test kits sent out rather than completed tests? There’s an unhealthy attitude in England about the quality of the data. How do they expect to draw meaningful conclusions from Covid19 (Phase 1) if their basic data is confused/inaccurate/ill-defined/unreliable? And how do they propose to react speedily and effectively if/when Phase 2 strikes? Mind you, it does make it harder to prove incompetence and easier to dodge the blame. Maybe they think that’s more important than protecting Public Health?

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