Joining her corporate and state buddies, once again, the National reminds us of the unavoidable limitations of a pro-Independence news source wedded to bourgeois notions of journalistic standards and staffed by interlocking elites, too close to BBC Scotland and the MSM.

I know they publish a lot of very high quality reports entirely favourable to the cause but there is clear agenda to undermine the SNP on a regular basis with reports identical to those across the lobby in the Herald that, in so doing, undermine the wider movement.

They, some of the celebrity hacks clearly ambivalent and often recent so-called converts, who guest write there, rarely attack the smaller pro-independence groups who divide the movement. Why would they? Only the SNP with all its warts can do this thing.

Though quite rare, I’ll admit, this is not the first time by any means:

Should the National have denied the BMA the chance to spread anxiety about NHS Scotland?

Scotsman, Herald and National (!) contradicted as evidence shows Scottish Ambulance Service in ‘excellent condition’

EIS survey on Scottish teacher stress is stupidly covered in National then disappears before leading academic can mark it its ‘methods.’

Both BBC Scotland and the ‘pro-Independence’ Sunday National use unpublished or unreliable evidence to accuse Scottish schools of ‘unlawful’ actions

And, of course there is the bias by omission. County lines drug gangs from England and farm machinery thefts by gangs based in England but the ‘E’ word is no more mentioned in the National than on BBC.