Conservatives and media humiliated as 95% of drink sales enter SNP deposit return scheme on day one

BBC Scotland is back on the deposit return scheme’s supposed controversial status based on the notion that ‘many’ businesses in Scotland have expressed concerns.

There is no mention of these great big facts, contradicting the ‘controversial’ claim:

4 thoughts on “Conservatives and media humiliated as 95% of drink sales enter SNP deposit return scheme on day one

  1. Indeed the third line “But it has faced fierce opposition from many small breweries and distillers” allows implication to do all the heavy lifting.

    It’s much as BBC Scotland’s previous Innis & Gunn gambit, when 10% of businesses were yet to sign up, the implication being they were of similar mind to Dougal Sharp, rather than they had not YET registered with months to decide.

    It can only be concluded that the Tories in London were behind the original piece to avoid political embarrassment over an Internal Market exemption, hence Finlay Carson’s sharp about turn on his support for the scheme.

    The rest of the BBC piece of course is used as a vehicle to advertise their other SNP-baddery stories, with yet another groaning “Analysis” by Kevin Keane’s demonstrating his expertise as “Environment Correspondent” by not once mentioning the environment…🙄

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  2. If memory serves me correctly did the BBC not announce some time ago that rather than having it ‘in-house’ they were going to rely more on external sources for some their ‘journalistic’ (snigger) material so given the MSMedia is all but hostile to the SNP it is no surprise to see these constant attacks. Moreover as already mentioned I feel it is all orchestrated by the Unionist Parties and especially the present incumbants that their opposition stems from their acute embarrassment that Scotland is pushing ahead with these policies. As we have seen with the ‘Named Persons scheme. , Rail, GRC, Care provision and now the DRS they are only interested in schemes that can make them money once privatised. Unlike the SNP they do not govern for the common good but only where they line their own pockets.

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  4. Across Europe countries have set up bottle return machines where you pop your bottles through the hole and it tots up how much money you will be paid then it pays you in cash there and then a carrier bag full is worth about £6 , only in dumb down U.K. can the dumb idiots who are against helping the fight against climate change get a say on tv radio and newspapers every day .

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