Conservatives and media humiliated as 95% of drink sales enter SNP deposit return scheme on day one

The Scotsman and Mail headlines today reveal a deeply entertaining tragi-comedy coming to an end as their desperate attempt to undermine the SNP in Government fails to survive a collision with the evidence.

From BBC Scotland:

Scotland’s biggest drinks producers have signed up to the controversial deposit return scheme by the deadline, the Scottish government has confirmed.

The 664 companies that have registered are responsible for 95% of drinks sold in single-use containers in Scotland.

Further adding to the laughs, BBC Scotland then give us a Gold standard ‘ah but’ of supreme dumbness:

However critics say they cover only about 16% of all producers that sell their drinks across the country.

Speaking in Holyrood, Scottish Conservatives economy spokesman Maurice Golden said the figures covered “barely 16% of the total number of producers” – 664 out of an estimated 4,000 selling in Scotland.

There are 4 000 ‘producers’ of drinks in bottles or cans in Scotland? I was surprised by the 664.

Pure comedy Golden – he’s including all the wee shops and ice-cream vans who just cant be bothered with something new. They’re still moaning about hiding the fags, recycling cardboard boxes and all those other daft new things the EU made us do.


4 thoughts on “Conservatives and media humiliated as 95% of drink sales enter SNP deposit return scheme on day one

  1. BBC are criminal in their behaviour , if they were in a corner shop in each town or city in Scotland we would be protesting outside and chasing them down but they’re not , they hide away out of sight sending lying messages out over the airways propaganda dressed up as news , the day will come when we get revenge

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  2. As BBC Scotland articles go, the opening paragraphs are actually pretty good informative journalism, which substantially make the case for the scheme and its implementability.

    The rest of the article is the usual BBC Scotland moan and gloomfest with all the usual suspects being trotted out to say their piece.

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  3. So let me understand this – the actual producers of most containers , responsible for 95% of eligible items , are ”signed up” to the scheme leaving only 5% to be dealt with later – and , according to critics , this is a ”disastrous ” result ! So the scheme should be delayed ( indefinitely ) or scrapped ?

    By this logic if HMRC collected 95% of taxes due but the other 5% were NOT collected immediately then this would be labelled ”disastrous” and the whole tax system should be put on hold until …whenever !


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