Sturgeon saved lives in England too by following science on face masks

According to BBC Scotland, not quite so proud of the former FM:

Secondary school children in England were required to wear face coverings to avoid a row with Scotland over Covid, the Daily Telegraph has claimed.

Leaked WhatsApp messages suggest that England’s chief medical officer had been ambivalent about the scientific evidence behind the measure.

Ministers in England came under pressure after Scotland introduced it.

Ambivalence about the scientific evidence at the beginning of a new pandemic?

Well, yes, but the precautionary principle surely told medical officers that an airborne virus, inevitably spreading faster in large groups of pushing and jostling kids in closed spaces and which was deadly for the older relatives of school kids, before there was a vaccine, justified action prior to hard evidence?

That is science.

The Scottish CMO was clearly not ambivalent and the FM followed their advice.

Is the evidence here now? It is. From a US study published in March 2022:

Mandatory masking in schools reduced COVID-19 cases

These findings show that school masking remains a critical preventive measure in times with high community infection rates, as we observed with Omicron, or if a variant emerges that escapes immunity.

How many lives did following Sturgeon save? Compliance across all pandemic measures was higher in Scotland and the Covid death rate, in Scotland at 226.8 per 100K was much lower than that in England at 310.9 per 100K.

Remember that means 75 people per 100K, 4 050 in Scotland might have died or in England, 42 000 might have been saved if the two governments’ strategies were swapped.


3 thoughts on “Sturgeon saved lives in England too by following science on face masks

  1. Well said Mr Robertson , thank goodness we have you uncovering the truth behind these abysmal stories in the English newspapers and he’ll mend BBC Scotland for their propaganda , those employees in BBC Scotland know what they are doing when they seek out these lying stories and send them out across Scotlands airwaves , we will get them back for it they will pay for their criminal activity

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  2. Good to hear that English parents forced their government to act after seeing that Scottish schoolchildren were wearing masks.
    Unfortunately the UK Government was never willing to do anything during the pandemic if the Scottish Government had already done it.
    Schools have always been the ideal breeding grounds for airborne infections, fortunately Covid had little effect on children compared to adults.


  3. Surprised that Union Jack did not overrule the Scottish Government and impose a Section 35 order or some similar device to put the Scottish Government ”in their place ” during the Covid Years .
    Clearly they , the Tories , under Johnson were ‘undermined’ by more sensible preventative measures being enacted in Scotland .
    I wonder if HIS medical advisers were silently thanking the Scots for THEIR response putting pressure on Johnson to do what he DIDN’T want to do but which they were advising him to .


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