Tory MSP reminded of his strong support for the SNP bottle and can deposit scheme

Aren’t social media great? You can catch out lying bar stewards and hypocrites easily.


7 thoughts on “Tory MSP reminded of his strong support for the SNP bottle and can deposit scheme

    1. ‘Something wrong’? Care to be specific then I can read the legislation and guidance within this ‘something’ in mind and get a better understanding.

      Sorry, don’t wish to be impolite but getting really pixxxd off with gaslighting, implied or explicit, intended or what might be just accidental! There is more than enough unsubstantiated negativity around.

      If there is specific evidence of ‘wrongness’ we need to have it identified, stated, to even begin to advocate a fix – yes?

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    1. The trouble with biodegradable is that in the breakdown process CO2 is produced and you’ve lost any valuable, useful chemicals.
      While we have plastics, and need plastics, here’s a solution to deal with the 25% of plastics that are currently not recyclable. One of these plants is to be built in Clydebank.

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    2. No they are not. Cardboard cartons are plastic coated and require specialised recycling. Sadly there are not enough recycling points for cartons.


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