UK Government insists ‘not responsible’ for referendum on Scotland’s future

The response above, today, to my proposal:

Hold a referendum on Scotland being ejected from the UK Scotland spends considerably more per head on public services than England does. Critics argue that this is both unfair and a drain on revenue gathered mainly from English taxpayers. The Scottish electorate persists in voting for parties that will spend more on public services and shows no sign of changing. England has done its best and carried these extra costs for decades now. There should be a referendum to decide whether Scotland should be ejected from the UK and told to live with its own means.

The evidence base for my proposal:

Conservative members would rather break up the United Kingdom and destroy their own party than see Brexit stopped.

A new YouGov poll finds hardline views on Europe and the UKs future among those soon to choose the next prime minister.

A clear majority would rather Scotland and Northern Ireland left the UK and would be willing to accept significant damage to the economy, if it allowed Brexit to go ahead.

The findings come ahead of the next round of voting in the Conservative party leadership contest.

What can I do?


6 thoughts on “UK Government insists ‘not responsible’ for referendum on Scotland’s future

  1. “The decision to leave the Union would be a matter for the people of Scotland based on their consent, rather than by a decision of the people of the other nations of the UK.”

    So, why do the Tories, Labour and the LibDems at Westminster continue to say they will not allow the people of Scotland to make that decision by a referendum requested by a majority of MSPs?

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  2. Trying to block any responsibility.

    Scotland spend more on public services because Scotland raises more monies. The £Billions that Westmibster wastes, including Scottish monies. Illegal wars, financial fraud and tax evasion leaves Scotland underfunded. For what it raises. Barnett formula illegally introduced to take Scottish revenues and resources and wasting them. Scotland loses £4Billion in tax evasion. Scotland loses £Billions from Brexit. Scotland is in surplus in fuel and energy, nearer the source but pays more. Scotland cannot borrow £5Billion it would be covered by growth. Scotland pays £Billion more for Defence (attack) and gets little back. Trident and redundant weaponry. Dumped on Scotland. Scotland pays loan repayments on monies not borrowed or spent in Scotland. Pays for HS2/Hickley Point etc. The Tory slush fund. Civil servant even conceal the waste. Years over time and over cost, with no business case. The list is endless. The waste of Scottish funds and resources by Westminster. Corruption beyond belief. Ever one who supports Independence needs to go out and vote every election. A higher turnout.


  3. 26million Russians died in WW2. Defeating the Nazi. Including SS battalions from Ukraine. Within living memory. Agreements made in 2014 were dishonoured. The Russian have aright to protect its borders. Missiles trained upon the Russian border by the West. None of them would put up with it. The US has been involved in Illegal War since 2WW. They make money out of it. They attacked the Middle East for Oil, illegally. The attack on the Twin Towers by Saudia Arabia. They attacked Libya and Syria. Causing mass migration and millions of deaths. Biden and Pelosi’s sons are making £Billions through Ukraine. Recycling taxpayers monies. Laundered through Ukraine. A totally corrupt regime run by political gangsters. The UK/US have been making NATO threats to Russia. Breaking International Agreements etc causing war in Europe. They just need to talk and honour agreements. If Trump was still there. None of this would be happening, Elected to stop the infernal war machine. Making monies for £Billionaires and corrupt politicians.


    1. Big claims there re Biden and Pelosi. Ever heard of two wrongs don’t make a right? Russia invading Ukraine, raping, pillaging, murdering parents and abducting their children to ‘re-educate’, destroying huge areas, the impact on the planet and pollution not insignificant, and if Trump was ‘still there’ you think there would be peace right now, jeez. Trump was and is a loose cannon, he’d start ww3 to avoid prison. A nasty selfish and extremely dangerous ignoramous, his four years as potus opened the door for the absolute crazy hellish situation the world is in right now. Crikey.


  4. ”The UK Government and Parliament are not responsible for the issue you raise .”

    Has anyone told The Supreme Court , Theresa May , Boris Johnson , Richi Sunak , Alister Jack etc… ???


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