BBC Scotland finds something bad to say at last about NHS Scotland after a difficult time for them

…about what can realistically be done to overcome the challenges facing the NHS. That’s according to the national spending watchdog.

Hah, we all know who needs to be more honest with the public.

How about this?


Failure to inform viewers important NHS issues 

Since the beginning of December 2022, there have been numerous strikes by nurses, ambulance staff and other key health service workers which the BBC UK broadcasts have carefully reported, early and repeatedly, fulfilling their duty as a public service broadcaster, to alert the public, especially the older and more vulnerable who rely on TV news. The elderly and vulnerable in Scotland may have seen and been confused and worried by these reports because BBC Scotland has never reminded them that, on all of those days, all health services in Scotland were operating normally. This failure of your charter will have caused confusion, will have caused those at risk to hesitate in calling for help and may have resulted in avoidable deaths. What reason could you possibly have for this neglect other than to avoid having to cast the Scottish Government in a positive light? 

My complaint above to the BBC regarding Reporting Scotland’s coverage of NHS strikes. Response due in a week or so but will be delayed by them for weeks beyond that.

It’s been a tough time for them with all of our health workers being treated so nicely by that SNP Government and NOT striking.

Even better, this which only the National and Yahoo News took:

SCOTLAND has “blazed a trail” in areas of health policy, chief medical officer for England Sir Chris Whitty has said.

Whitty, who alongside Scotland’s chief medical officer (CMO) Gregor Smith was knighted for his work during the Covid pandemic, praised the work on health policy north of the Border during a committee hearing at Westminster.

Speaking to MPs on the Health and Social Care Committee, Whitty said: “Firstly, just to acknowledge the really great work that is done in Scotland, although I am just speaking on England, I am the CMO for England, I talk every week, and often more than that, to my opposite number Dr Smith and his … fantastic public health colleagues in Scotland.

“We learn a lot, because Scotland has actually blazed a trail in many areas of public health that we have learnt from.”

BBC Scotland, the Herald, the Scotsman and all the others didn’t seem to think the above was in the public interest. We know why.

It’s not a new tendency. They haven’t covered this sort of thing in the past. Remember this just over a year ago?

The Scottish Patient Safety Programme (SPSP), introduced by the SNP Scottish Government in 2007, has been praised by a leading European expert on patient safety.

In Westminster’s Health Committee, Dr Pelle Gustafson, CMO at Swedish Patient Insurer, responded with “Scotland”, when he was asked which country he would hold at the very top pillar with regards to patient safety. 

Dr Gustfason said: “If you take all preventative work in regard to patient safety, I would say Scotland, I am personally very impressed with Scotland. I think in Scotland you have a long tradition of working, you have a development in the right direction and you also have a system which is fairly equal all over the place. You have improvement activities going on. So I am very impressed by Scotland”. He added that the UK could learn a lot from the Nordic countries in this area but also that the Nordic countries could learn a lot from Scotland.

That too passed under our MSM radar.


4 thoughts on “BBC Scotland finds something bad to say at last about NHS Scotland after a difficult time for them

  1. It is part of the duty of the Audit Office to indicate aspects which could be improved and to indicate possible courses of action. It is about constructive criticism in the interests of continuously improving provision.

    However, for the media and the opposition it is a source of BLAME. And, for them, blame is an end in itself. Blaming is not about improvement. Blame is essentially about anger and malice and humiliation. Of course, people have to account for their actions and in the case of failure remediation or other things might be required.

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  2. Aye…. I had a quick scan through the “Publication: NHS in Scotland 2022” on the Audit Scotland website and few jumped out –
    “Workforce capacity is the biggest risk to NHS recovery –
    Health boards continue to find it hard to recruit the doctors, nurses and other health professionals needed to make sure NHS services are sustainable in the long term.
    There’s been a 17 per cent rise in people who can’t leave hospital because often the social care they need is not available”

    And further down in “Key Figures” : 723 million – the Covid-19 funding in 2022/23 no longer covered by the UK Government, and the 93% rise in cost of bank and agency nursing staff since 2017….

    Now can you see where in this article from HMS James Cook these take centre stage ?
    How about in the Lazy Winter’s “Analysis” ? – Nope, for Lazy it’s “What stands out in this report is how critical Audit Scotland is of the government’s Covid recovery plan”…

    BBC News in Scotland, where honest journalism goes to die…


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