Massive fall in critical drug-related incidents

From Public Health Scotland today:

Scottish Ambulance Service naloxone incidents between September and November 2022 (832) were lower compared to the same time period in 2020 (1,032) and 2021 (1,176).

The number of drug-related hospital admissions between July and September 2022 (2,024) were considerably lower compared to the same time period in 2020 (3,643) and 2021 (3,033).

While drug deaths recorded by PHS have only just begun to fall, Police Scotland’s records based on the death scenes began to record major reductions in early 2021:

Offering serious optimism for the future, drug deaths among 15-24 year olds have plummeted below those in England:

In 2021, there were 11 deaths in this group in Scotland, down from 12 in 2020.

Click to access drug-related-deaths-21-report.pdf

The figures for England & Wales are below:

Dan Beck | Parliamentary and Policy officer | UK Statistics Authority |Awdurdod Ystadegau’r Deyrnas Unedig | @UKStatsAuth| Tel: 01329 447 195 | Email: | Web:

England & Wales have 11 times the population of Scotland and so, all things being equal, could be expected to have 110 drug deaths but have 240 or 160 depending on whether you count ‘all‘ or only ‘drug misuse‘ deaths, more than twice as many or nearly 50% more.

The same researchers provided the data to compare death rates among the 25-34 group and those revealed a shocking 66%-higher rate in England & Wales:

Scotland’s drug deaths are frequently blamed on the Scottish Government and, in fairness then, this achievement in reducing deaths among younger users must lie at their door too.


5 thoughts on “Massive fall in critical drug-related incidents

  1. There was an article in one of the newspapers by Mr Peter Krykant, the drugs rehabilitation campaigner, around the time of the announcement of the resignation of the FM, at a time when the media were damning everything she had done during her time as FM and as health secretary. Mr Krykant’s article was at one with this line.

    Now, I do not doubt Mr Krykant’s sincerity and courage in tackling the issues regarding addiction, but, sadly, I do not see how his article is going to change the attitudes of the Tories, Labour and LibDems towards things he advocates, and which I support, such as safe consumption spaces.

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  2. If there are any improvements in Scotland we know that BBC and the rest of the media in Scotland will not report it.
    Westminster says no good reports of Scotland are allowed and if they really really must talk about something in Scotland turn it into a Scotland bad story no limits no exceptions it’s their gameplay and they do it because they can , there,s nothing to stop them…..except Scottish independence

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  3. Covid could have led to a reduction in drug use and crime. The lock down.. people had to stay in. The Police stopped vehicles outside their area.

    Some of the Westminster related graphs show drug deaths recorded in separate categories. Drug death by heroin, accidental drug death. Drug death by poisoning.. Not defining a total drug death.

    The number of proper total abstinence rehabs have fallen in Scotland. Many councils cut funding or would not fund them. Under social care. Putting people on methadone for years. All the drug deaths in Scotland were people on prescription drugs and taking other substances. The Scottish Gov has funded £250Million over five years. To increase proper total abstinence rehabs and cut drug deaths. MUP has cut alcohol consumption from 25% about the rest of the UK. To 10% and falling.


  4. 418 beds in rehab facilities in Scotland. The SNHS funds the toxic affects of addition. Liver failure, depression, mental health problems, suicide.

    In 2008 257 funded places in Castle zcraig. 2019 5 places.

    Drink drug linked to crime. Prison £40,000 a year.

    There are two new drug rehab facilities opened in the Borders and Dundee. More are needed. People have to pay privately (insurance) to access facilities.


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