Stay calm, it’s just another dip in the road regardless of who the FM is

Under carpet-bombing by the MSM on gender issues, SNP support has fallen to 42-44% in the last 9 Holyrood polls.

The leadership candidates are not looking too strong. John Swinney for caretaker!

We’ve been here and worse before and recovered from it as the media gaze turns away and as folk get used to the new normal.

Look at the graph above. In the 2017-2019 period, with Sturgeon, support averaged around 42% and even dipped below 40% a few times, then climbed into the 50% range still with Sturgeon, as it had done before in 2015-2016 with Sturgeon.

It’s not over. It will never be over. Support will climb again as UK Cons and/or Labour effup something else, the UK media pile on and Scotland’s media struggle for a new story.

You know, that French phrase?

Plus Ça Change Plus C’est La Même Chose?

The More Things Change The More They Stay the Same?

Labour and Cons?

Labour up in high 20s and still thus nowhere near the target, for last ten or so polls.

The Cons shockingly in recovery back up at 17-18% for the last 7 polls and suggesting the transfers to Labour are over.

Courage, mes braves!

Note for the older readers, on that last quote, from General Charles de Gaulle –

Whit, a soixante huitard quotes that old ‘chat?’


10 thoughts on “Stay calm, it’s just another dip in the road regardless of who the FM is

  1. The unionist media have launched an all out divide-and-conquer attack on the SNP candidates.
    What could be better for the media than not having a winner lauded by their opponents but having the best out of three born losers leading one of the many factions caused by the resignation of Nicola Sturgeon.

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    1. The optimism is admirable , but I fear it’s not realistic.
      The media gaze isn’t going to turn away.
      Scotland is being subjected to a full on, full time, fascist state propaganda bombardment.
      This will continue unabated for any future SNP leadership that doesn’t fall in with Westminster plan.

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  2. The way the media is corrupt we should not be surprised at the antics of them regardless of ones belief a disgrace from them,I noted that D Ross voted against same sex marriage in NI and he wants to be FM in Scotland so why not question him.
    OT but this should be shown every where and if this happened in Scotland can you imagine outcry from Lisa Summers and her Yoon cronies.

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  3. Watch with open mouth as the BBC try to push forward Hamza seemingly having the correct background for them, then demonize Kate for her religon, Ash is unknow quantity for them and has done well to stay silent at the moment. They will not want her and try to write her off because she is the only one of the three that has piu independence fron and centre, watch for the colusion between Mr Murrel and the BBC to continue to push for Hamza,


  4. I think we need a leader who attracts wider support than just the SNP, if we want independence.
    That to me would be “Sunday Post” Kate Forbes, as its too early for Ash Regan.
    An honest politician? OK, her views are not mine, but she seems to be saying she might personally oppose a thing but would go along with the majority.
    Fine with me, as I want a pluralist, egalitarian society, not a Labour cult who fling those who disagree with Starmer out of the party.

    Time for the candidates to fight back against being gas-lit, and ask how DRossie, Starwars and Sunak would vote.

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  5. I agree we need someone who will unite and hold out the olive branch to the greater Yes movement and other like minded people and I include in that Alba as a lot of very good activist were lost to them in the last year, we need to control the narrative not the media or the little cliques inside the SNP that are only there to make money and qudos for their own ends. It will be a very strong person to take on the unionist press and ask the difficult questions of the Labour/Tory Lib Dem pact that we laugh at but dont bring to task thanks to a weak Scottish media that is controled from England and Westminster.

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  6. Whilst I agree with much of the above firstly for a Party that apparently has a wealth of talent I am disappointed that we haven’t seen other ‘less familiar faces’ putting their names forward. Secondly strange isn’t it that Kate has seemingly not done her campaign any favours by being honest (goodness gracious what next .. a Leader with Integrity??). I am not religious myself but disagree that her religion will be a handicap afterall Swinney and I’m sure many others in all Parties have similar beliefs and no one has questioned their abilities. Unless another more suitable candidate comes forward Kate Forbes is still my preferred choice.


  7. Well said Mr Robertson , I agree with what you say , furthermore I would remind people that in Scotland and probably elsewhere in disunited kingdom most people do not read newspapers and do not watch the news in fact a huge number of people are “ newsless “ I am repeatedly amazed at the number of people I speak to who are unaware of the top news stories .

    Fewer and fewer people have mobile phones now , they’re so expensive , same with the internet , there is a clear divide in disunited Kingdom between those who have and those who do not have.

    I have these things I read all the blogs but what is clearly noticeable is that you could fit all the people who do read the blogs regularly , in a mini.It’s the same names across the board , sure there are others who look in now and again but the clear message is that the big majority of voters do not keep up with what’s in the news , they don’t trust it , people make up their mind over time , not on the basis of headlines in newspapers or BBC six o’clock news and question time.

    People are wise to the shenanigans of Westminster politics.

    I’m not worried , I don’t even believe there’s a drop in support for SNP or Scottish independence and whether some huffy people like it or not those are both the same thing.
    Scottish independence would not be relevant without the SNP and SNP would not relevant without Scottish independence , we know this and have known this for a long long time , just remember the time when Gordon Wilson won a seat for the SNP and the furore at the time , he was a true tory but wanted a Tory independent Scotland .

    Independence is coming , resistance is strong but we are permanent and that makes us stronger.
    Don’t forget it.

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