Covid death rate in Scotland plummets to lowest in Britain as SNP management of NHS saves 20 lives a week


The Covid death rate in Scotland is now significantly lower than in England or Wales. Remember, these per 100K data mean around 20 fewer Covid deaths in Scotland than might have been the case if we had not had SNP control of the NHS and around 200 more Covid deaths in England than if they had had SNP control of their NHS.

A similar long-term trend may be underpinning the above death rate as we see far higher levels of Covid patients requiring intensive care in England and Wales, than in Scotland. Given our generally poorer health outcomes and an older population, this must be due to a better NHS, better vaccine rollout and better government pandemic management.

Were deaths and ICU demand higher in Scotland, you can be sure the above explanation would be modified and rolled out loudly.


4 thoughts on “Covid death rate in Scotland plummets to lowest in Britain as SNP management of NHS saves 20 lives a week

  1. More is spent on the SNHS in Scotland. The Tories cut NHS funding 2015 to 2020. Instead of increasing it. The Scottish Gov had to mitigate the cuts. Spending more on SNHS and social care. Allowing people to stay in their own home. Instead of more expensive residential and hospital care.

    The Tories mismanaged the pandemic to concentrate on Brexit. Losing £Billions on Brexit that could have been used for NHS and essential services.


  2. Would the main driver at this point (and as reported on this site recently) be the free prescriptions that allow poorer people access to inhalers and other condition management medication?


  3. On another topic but one dear to you. Tonight’s Scottish News (following News at Ten) the Auditor General’s report was splashed as ‘the (Scottish) government was accused of a lack of transparency over…. etc. The clip that followed was of the Auditor General stating ‘ the NHS lacked transparency…… ‘. Another example of BBC Scotland’s editorial witch-hunt. What do people hear? The headline or the subtext? Reprehensible.


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