Conservative government’s bottle and can deposit return scheme supported by 83%

Theresa Coffer Secretary of State for Environment, Spilled Food and Rural Affairs

Thanks to Andrew Rosie for alerting me to this.

From Theresa Coffey’s department in January 2023:

Many countries have successfully used deposit return schemes (DRS) to increase
recycling rates of drinks containers, with well-functioning schemes achieving collection
targets of 90% or higher. This document sets out the response to the second consultation
held in 2021 on developing a DRS, and the next steps for scheme delivery.

The 2021 consultation recognised the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic and
asked respondents how the pandemic may have influenced their views on a DRS. The
appetite for introducing a DRS remained strong, with 83% of respondents expressing
support for the introduction of a scheme
. They cited the impacts the pandemic has had on
the environment, including the creation of more waste combined with more time spent
outdoors, which in turn resulted in increased levels of littering, meaning the need for a
DRS is even greater. Responses also set out the benefits of economic stimulation through
investment and the creation of jobs from the scheme

But, in Scotland:

Scottish secretary Alister Jack calls for Scottish Government to drop recycling scheme



3 thoughts on “Conservative government’s bottle and can deposit return scheme supported by 83%

  1. Today on the E_X_T_E_N_D_E_D BBC Scotland Lunchtime news, the terminally nasty Hayley Miller continually interrupted Patrick Harvie whom she was interviewing about the resignation of the FM to claim the deposit return scheme was ‘controversial’ and was it likely the new FM would scrap it?

    All presenters on this programme were clearly cock-a-hoop at the resignation.

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  2. Returning bottles and cans is a great idea the practice should never have been dropped all those years ago.
    Sorry to see Nicola Sturgeon resign but everyone has to have a family life , she has given 27 of her 53 years to SNP well done thats dedication.
    All those who hated Alex Salmond thought it was the end
    All those who hated Nicola Sturgeon think it is the end
    But you cannot kill an idea simply because a figurehead moves on
    Scottish independence is coming , the lies and corruption of Westminster has been exposed and will be there to see and remember forever in historical records especially in peoples minds
    Onwards and upwards we go

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