Different parts of Belgium, different deposit return schemes!

By cuckooshoe (Campanula rotundifolia or Harebell)

So business and opposition parties insist Scotland can only have a Deposit Return Scheme if it is UK wide, whereas in Belgium..

“The deposit on bottles and cans shows itself as an effective measure against litter. The pilot project ran for a full month from 15 July to 15 August 2022. In Bredene, the Twins Club and beach bars sold their plastic bottles and cans with an additional 0.20€ deposit, clearly visible thanks to a sticker placed on them. Consumers could then manually return the packaging and redeem their deposit at each of the three locations which would then put the empty packaging in a box. Simple and effective.”

Belgium piloted different schemes..


“Although there is no national mandatory deposit scheme, the Wallonia and Brussels Capital Region both have pilot deposit schemes. The Wallonia pilot, which began in 2018, tests out collection by both reverse vending machine (RVM) and manual collection, putting a 5-cent deposit on cans. The Brussels pilot, beginning in 2019, extends to both cans and plastic bottles. The Flanders government ruled in 2019 that they would not implement a deposit system until 2023 at the earliest, with municipalities allowed to run their own test programs.”


8 thoughts on “Different parts of Belgium, different deposit return schemes!

  1. Wow! It’s almost like all the negative hype and declarations of “scandal” around the Scottish Govt’s plan is baseless and opportunistic in nature ….. surely not. Unionists wouldn’t try to scupper an environmentally positive policy just for political gain would they? They wouldn’t misinform and deceive the Scottish public would they?

    Well of course they would.

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  2. Knock me down with a feather! Obviously the Scots are genetically incapable of sorting this simple process… unlike the rest of the world……. (Sarcasm alert)

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  3. But there would be smuggling over the border, remember the alcohol smuggling over the border fiasco.

    What does it matter where the bottles/cans are recycled? it’s the planet stupid.

    Read a good article on Net Zero, seems we are still using up the planet’s resources at ratesthat can’t be maintained.
    Seems that we can’t find and refine enough copper quickly enough to have all electric vehicles by the due date.
    We are throwing away lithium batteries in the street in vaping than we can find and refine new.

    It’s the only planet we have.

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  4. The monies saved from litter collection will pay for the scheme. Less litter to collect and more utilities to recycle. All good. Instead of buried or floating in the sea.

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  5. An excellent example, but I can almost hear a Jeremy Clarkson type clearing his throat whilst rehearsing “But it’s Belgium for God’s sake…pah”
    There was nothing wrong with SG’s proposal, and despite all hype to the contrary, the industry had been consulted over the many years of it’s development – The feigned surprise and confected claptrap trotted out by Martin Geissler and the rest of the HMS James Cook propaganda outfit are almost deserving of a Darwin Award rather than the OBE James is angling for to match his bespoke suits.
    Shiny but meaningless..

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  6. Generalissimo Hi Jack says “Naw, ye cannae”.
    “Phone us yins in Londinium, an’ we’ll tell ye whit tae dae”.

    Sturgeon quits and behind her is only Alex Salmond.

    In Old Engurland there are more Tory ex-PM’s than even biased BBC Scotland presenters (nearly).

    Truss, Johnson, May, Cameron, Brown, Blair –what do you mean Brown/Blair are NOT Tories?–and soon to be Rich! Sunocchio.


  7. AT the Hydro and other venues a £ deposit is put on a plastic drinking vessel. Then can be returned at the end for the deposit. They wash them hygenically. High temperature. Some were making a considerable amount of cash gathering them up. Some were discarded. Now it is limited to 6 returns per person. £6 limit. Although other people can claim them. Pass to someone else. Youngster collect the cups with great enthusiasm.

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    1. When I was a lad, you could get into “the pictures” with ginger bottles and jam jars paying for it. If it was a standard practice back in the 1970s, why would 21st century businesses find it sooooo hard?


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