Sturgeon Cartoon: Is Dave Brown the lovechild of Steve Bell and Gordon Brown?

As soon as I saw Dave Brown’s cartoon in the Independent today, I thought where have I see that ugly, unimaginative, borderline racism before?

Then I remembered. Steve Bell of the Guardian who once called me a ‘nationalist dupe.’

This in 2015:

In 2014, this:

and in 2013, worst of all:

Don’t try to imagine Steve Bell and Gordon Brown making a baby. Don’t!!!

A very similar style? Can you blame your boy for copying his dad?


11 thoughts on “Sturgeon Cartoon: Is Dave Brown the lovechild of Steve Bell and Gordon Brown?

  1. The xenophobia in that Steve Bell 2014 cartoon just sickened me at the time. The Guardian publishing it is one reason they will never see a penny from me.

    Dave Brown’s invitation to kill Nicola Sturgeon is equally sickening.

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  2. This is vile , disgusting and racist – certainly NOT funny , unless you are of a mentality that enjoys pulling the wings off flies .
    For a national ( LoL ) newspaper to print this and then attempt to distribute it in Scotland says so much about the contempt that the English newspaper industry has for Scotland , its leaders and its people .

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  3. Yet, if you complain, you are told you have no sense of humour (or are a nationalist dupe). The privileging of a particular point of view so consistently is both clear and very telling.

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  4. Disgusting but not surprising. It is VERY racist taht much is clear, it’s dangerous and hate inciting as well. I don’t recall any such portrayals of English PM’s re their demise at the driving seat.
    Have shared this, it needs to be called out for what it is, hate filled misogynist and racist by an English nationalist, clear and simple. Despicable.

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  5. Dave Brown was born in Barnehurst, Kent – His entire perspective on the UK and all else is dictated by England’s media and political perspectives much as Steve Bell, such as they have neither the faintest idea nor care who is offended beyond the North Circular…
    England myopia writ large…

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  6. They do make a compelling case for Independence. It’s just what we should expect from the English media. They have a very infantile sense of humour and it should merely reaffirm our desire to see the back of them asap.


  7. There is no escaping the fact that these cartoons are the personification of racism. Had either of these cartoonists depicted Jewish, Asian, Black or indeed Irish politicians ìn such a derogatory stereotypical racist fashion there would have been a public outcry from the communities concerned. The one good thing however is that they let Scottish people know how they are regarded by their southern neighbours.


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