BBC Wales and BBC Scotland reveal the bias gap again

Comparing the reporting of BBC Scotland with that of the BBC elsewhere in the UK is always highly illustrative of the bias gap as the former politicise every issue and allow the opposition parties and an easy platform to attack the SNP, unchecked.

So, today, from BBC Wales:

Plans for a bypass have been halted as part of an end to road building projects in Wales.

On Tuesday, the Welsh government announced all major road building projects would be scrapped over environmental concerns.

It included the Cynon Gateway North in Rhondda Cynon Taf in a list of schemes which would not be funded.

Criticism? Only from locals. Not a word from Tories, Lib Dems of Plaid.

From BBC Scotland of 8 February 2023:

The Scottish government has said work to dual the A9 between Inverness and Perth will not be completed by 2025.

Transport Minister Jenny Gilruth said the target was “unachievable”.

She said the government remained committed to upgrading the remaining single carriageway sections of the road to dual carriageway.

But she said the project had been hit by delays, highlighting the impact of the Covid pandemic, Brexit and the war in Ukraine.

Scottish Conservative MSP Murdo Fraser said communities had been waiting more than a decade for the government to fulfil its commitment.

And he warned that people would continue to die on the A9 until the road was made safer.

Scottish Labour MSP Rhoda Grant said missing the 2025 target was a “total betrayal to the Highlands”.

SNP MSP Fergus Ewing said Ms Gilruth’s statement would be met with “shock, incredulity and anger”.

The number of people killed in crashes between Perth and Inverness has risen to its highest level in 20 years, with 13 people losing their lives in 2022.

Concerns over safety on the route date back decades.

Before anyone tells you one example means nothing, see these:

Full text:


9 thoughts on “BBC Wales and BBC Scotland reveal the bias gap again

  1. It is incredible the difference. Its almost as though BBC Wales are following some sort of Service Level Agreement, lets call it a Charter and they are doing it deliberately in an almost professional manner it seems.

    Whereas in BBC Scotland, we seem to have a collection of over blown numpties who make up it up as they go along and as an organisation, are little short of a national embarrassment.

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    1. ‘in BBC Scotland, we seem to have a collection of over blown numpties who make up it up as they go along’.

      Except these differences are the creation of the outputs and outcomes of BBC journalists and editors making deliberate, professional decisions daily about WHAT TO REPORT (or not), WHEN, and HOW TO FRAME their reports.

      This is not accidental: there is a longstanding pattern of contrasting news reports coming from BBC Scotland and BBC Wales. The BBC’s reporting of the NHS in Scotland as compared to elsewhere in the UK is another, similar example of difference.

      Your reference to ‘numpties’ is too dismissive IMHO. As an alternative view I suggest we have media professionals intent on achieving a particular outcome, of having a particular impact!

      As a minimum, that desired outcome is to dampen any shift in momentum in favour of Scotland’s independence amongst their (remaining) audiences. As a maximum, it is the demise of the SNP in Westminster and Holyrood, and as a consequence severe, longstanding damage to the prospect of independence.

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  2. Not just the BBC I’m afraid anyone who took in the STV news this evening ( or should I say the Labour Party Broadcast) when we were excitedly told the Polls showing Labour closing in on the SNP (snigger).
    Also on the funeral of the brave Edinburgh Firefighter they managed to find amongst all the onlookers paying their respects a stupid Scottish women saying Firefighters ‘;weren’t respected’ alongside another English women!!!!! That’s the best they can do but all of course designed to bring a political element to an otherwise very sad occasion. Utterly shameless.

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    1. I have no idea of the ‘solution’ – there may not be one – but there is a need for a substantial change in how the SNP, the Scottish Government and the wider Yes movement addresses the corporate media and the BBC’s gaslighting of Scotland and also the latter’s bias by omission. Otherwise, any shifting of the dial substantially on the scale of voter support in Scotland for independence – especially amongst the older demographic – will be hard to achieve, to say the least.

      Only in a formal election/referendum campaign is there hope of any media balance but in the context of a public sick of the UK Tory government, suffering from the present cost of living crisis likely to be blamed (by those not too politically engaged) on (all) political parties in ‘government’ – and thus likely to vote for change when next given the chance. The political party likely to get maximum support from the media in pushing blame onto the SNP is Labour. So let’s not be complacent about Labour’s prospects in Scotland.

      We know how the media and (any) UK government will seek to exploit a drop in support for pro-independence parties. A push back against the media’s anti-SNP, anti-independence agenda – and hopefully those expert in this subject might know a way – is an urgent need. More of the same would leave me pessimistic for the next 2-3 years!

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      1. I’m of the older demographic and dropped the BBC some years back. I heartily recommend it. I am aware, from sites like this, that nothing has changed in the BBC’s attitude towards Scotland. It seems to me, if anything, that its anti-Scottish, anti-SNP bias has worsened in the 8 years or so since I stopped watching it or paying the TV licence fee.

        Sad to say, the SNP has little clout in regard to the BBC, etc. Dealing with them differently, e.g., refusing to appear on programmes for a time, will only prevent them from getting their message and policies across altogether.

        I don’t know how to combat the bias – it’s a measure of how difficult it will be for England when Scotland’s resources are back solely in Scotland’s hands – but I hope someone has some good ideas. Meantime, I look forward to the day, after independence, when the likes of Glenn Campbell, etc., are given the heave-ho from Scotland’s tv screens. I hope it’s soon.



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  4. ‘ Concerns over safety on the route date back decades’. Indeed, all the SNP need to do is keep pointing out that Scotland’s transport system, if we can call it that, was severely neglected by successive Labour and Tory governments based in London and when Labour occupied Holyrood for ten whole years. Labours legacy on transport infrastructure, to name but one aspect of their mismanagement and neglect, is atrocious.

    ‘Deep Fried Hillman Imp, Scotland’s Transport’, by Christopher Harvie, Argyll publishing, I think 2010, might be 2008, is an excellent analysis about just how the English governments in Scotland kept Scotland back. I can’t find my copy but you can buy it online. It’s only because the SNP became the party of actual Scottish government, that the new borders railway has been built, and the new Firth of Forth road bridge was built to replace the one that was no longer safe for the amount of traffic using it. Without the funds to carry on upgrading Scotland’s transport infrastructure, while the English government sets the Scottish budget, there are vital services that I’m sure take precedence.

    How dare the English Labour party in Scotland blame the SNP for the delay in upgrading roads, or anything else. Labour had years in power and did nothing to improve qualify of life for the people of Scotland, except overspend massively on a tram system in Edinburgh and send £billions back to Westminster, while plunging councils into £billions of debt with their PFI scam.

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