Two baby deaths: BBC Nottingham do not politicise a health tragedy as BBC Scotland prefers to do

In November 2021, two child deaths at a Glasgow hospital were ‘linked to hospital infections’. At the time and now, there was no evidence that the infections had caused the deaths, yet the BBC coverage allowed the Scottish Labour leader to appear to be championing (groom?) the parents and opened the report with this:

The deaths of two more children were linked to infections at a troubled Glasgow hospital, the Scottish Labour leader has claimed. Anas Sarwar said he had been told about the deaths by clinicians who were afraid to speak out publicly. He called on the government to sack the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital’s bosses and take over its running. First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said she would look into the cases “as a matter of urgency”.

Today BBC Nottingham, reporting on two baby deaths, do not politicise a health tragedy by platforming an opposition leader and, only after 46 paragraphs do we even read:

Michelle Welsh, who is a Labour councillor for Nottinghamshire, and sits on the health scrutiny committee, said she felt “traumatised” by her treatment when she gave birth to her son Billy. She said: “My worry is that NUH thinks Donna Ockenden is coming and everyone stands back. “We still need to see evidence of improvements and NUH. I am concerned NUH think it’s resolved and it’s not resolved. “That’s why it’s really important the government needs to be there to back Donna Ockenden up.

This is a BBC Scotland agenda, to undermine the SNP Government.

For evidence going back years, see:


2 thoughts on “Two baby deaths: BBC Nottingham do not politicise a health tragedy as BBC Scotland prefers to do

  1. Sadly ( ? ) , the Nottinghamshire cases do not have the services of an amoral , self-publicising Millionaire sh*t pushing the story for his own personal advancement with the active collusion of the Unionist State Propaganda Arm
    ( aka BBCscotlandshire ).

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  2. British Broadcasting to the Colonies–AKA–BBC Scotland.

    Run by Eton Tories for the Blue Tories and their coalition partners, the Red Tories.

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