Only BBC Scotland politicises health

From BBC Leeds & West Yorkshire, today:

A hospital for men with learning disabilities has been placed in special measures after there were “serious risks to patient safety”. The Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspected Cygnet Woodside, in Bradford, in September following allegations of abuse by staff towards a patient.

There is no opportunity for an opposition politician to exploit the alleged harm to a patient and attack the performance of the Government or the Health Secretary. The BBC has not made a documentary on the unit.

In Scotland, in July 2018, all of the above was done and at great length and repeatedly over several days. Two years later, there is no sign of any prosecution of staff or of any action against the health board. The Health Secretary did resign due to the pressure largely from media scare stories. The Labour list politician still draws her salary.

BBC Scotland still trawls social media looking for something, anything similar.

6 thoughts on “Only BBC Scotland politicises health

  1. I see the photograph was “obtained” by the Sun-rag, therefore possibly taken by someone at the wake. What sort of person would want to do that? I despair!

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    1. My immediate thoughts were,as with the former CMO trips to Fife,that Nicola was shopped to the Sun by an opportunist with a phone.
      Wonder how much the Sun paid for it?

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  2. As expected the BBC UK are now running with this as apparently (in their eyes at least) the 3rd most important headline today. Not of course mentioning that she kept her distance from those others and when you will similarly see MP’s regularly being interviewed without masks. Unbelievable stuff.

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  3. The BritNat BBC are an utter disgrace to democracy. Scotland realsied in 2014 that this organisation was in no way neutral and that it’s a political project controlled by the English government, which is exactly why Scotland is banned from having their own TV stations, ie broadcasting is a reserved power to Westminster. It’s state controlled and no, STV is not Scottish, it maybe was many years ago, but their HQ is in England, same ITV and in fact are they not one and the same thing.
    Ch4 has never been neutral when it comes to Scotland. They are all ‘in it together’ and part of the same anti Scottish English establishment.

    On the subject of masks, they are essential to keeping the spread of infection down, but with distancing, not so much apparently. The fact that the FM kept her distance is paramount, but it’s a shame the Tories and their pals don’t do the same, they go for drinks, sit right next to each other smiling, they climb mountains (not even metaphorically!) during lockdown, they have meetings in the street in Scotland, having travelled from different places, no masks, no distancing. Disgraceful.

    You can just imagine now, these little jobsworths will be told to watch everyone who attended the funeral for illness/infection and hope that they can plonk the blame right at N.Sturgeon’s door, just watch. They will delight if people die, as they do when it comes to Scotland. These people are not journalists, they are story tellers, mythologisers, liars and
    fakes. The thing is during a pandemic, they have not changed their tactics that’s the despicable part of all this, attack the SNP on anything, go get them! There are words to describe such jobsworths which cannot be used here.

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